Apr 27 2014
25 Tips to Success in Network Marketing








H?r? ?r? 25 t??? t? ?u????? f?r ?n??n? wh? ?? ?t?rt?ng th??r ?wn MLM/N?tw?rk?ng M?rk?t?ng h?m? bu??n???. Th??? ??m?l?, ????-t?-u?? t??? w?ll h?l? ??u g?t ??ur bu??n??? ?ff t? ? f??t ?t?rt, ?nd ?ut m?r? m?n?? ?n ??ur ???k?t.

1. Wh?n ??u f?r?t g?t ?nt? ??ur n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng home based business, wr?t? ?ut ??ur ?l?n? ?nd g??l?! I’m ?ur? ??u’v? h??rd ?t ???d m?n? t?m?? b?f?r?…”M??t ????l? n?v?r ?l?n t? f??l, th?? ??m?l? f??l t? ?l?n”. T?k? th? t?m? t? wr?t? ?ut ??ur ?l?n? ?nd g??l?. B? r??l??t??, but b? t?ugh ?n ??ur??lf. Pu?h ??ur??lf. On? ?f m? f?v?r?t? qu?t?? ?? “Wh?t ??ur m?nd ??n ??n???v?, ?t ??n ??h??v?”.

2. G?t ?t?rt?d ?mm?d??t?l?. D?n’t w??t f?r ?v?r?th?ng t? b? ??rf??t b?f?r? ??u ?t?rt. Th?t w?ll n?v?r h????n. Jum? ?n ?nd g?t ?t?rt?d.

3. Tr??t ??ur mlm/n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng bu??n??? ?? ? ??r??u?, full-t?m? bu??n???, ?nd ?t w?ll qu??kl? b???m? ?n?.

4. D?n’t f??u? ??ur ?tt?nt??n ?n tr??ng t? ???n??r th? “b?g h?tt?r” wh? t?ll? ??u th?t th?? ?r? g??ng t? br?ng ?n 120 ????l?. Sur?, ?t w?uld b? n???, but d?n’t g?t ??ught u? ?n th? h??? ?nd ?m?t??n. It t?k?? ? t??m ?ff?rt.

5. Kn?w th?t r????t??n w?ll h????n. N?t ?v?r??n? ?? g??ng t? w?nt wh?t ??u h?v?. Th?r? ?r? ??m? ????l? th?t ??u ??uld ?ut ? hug? ??l? ?f G?ld ?n th??r fr?nt ??rd, ?nd th?? w?uld ?t?ll w?lk r?ght ?n b? ?t. Or, th?? ??m?l? w?ll n?t b?l??v? ?t’? G?ld. D?n’t g?t d????ur?g?d. Th?r? ?r? l?t?r?ll? MILLIONS ?f ????l? w?nt?ng wh?t ??u h?v?.

6. F?ll?w u?! Th?? ?? th? ??ngl? m??t ?m??rt?nt f??t?r t? ??ur ?u?????. Y?u h?v? ?r?b?bl? h??rd th?t th? f?rtun? ?? ?n th? f?ll?w u?. P???l? w?ll r?r?l? ??ll ??u b??k, but th?? w?ll ???n ??u ?f ??u f?ll?w u? ?nd ?h?w th?m ??u ??r? ?b?ut th??r n??d?. C?ll th?m ?nd ??k h?w th?ng? ?r? g??ng…?r ?t l???t ?m??l th?m. B? f?ll?w?ng u? w?th ?v?r??n?, ??u w?ll ???n??r n?w bu??n??? ??rtn?r? ?n ??ur n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng bu??n???.

7. H?v? ??t??n??. B?g ?n??m?? n?v?r h????n ?v?rn?ght. And th?? ?? ???????ll? tru? ?f ??u ?r? ?l?? w?rk?ng ? full-t?m? ??b ??m?wh?r?. It m?? t?k? ??u ? ???r ?r tw? t? ?bt??n ??ur ?n??m? g??l ?nd qu?t ??ur ?urr?nt ??b. If ??u kn?w th?t ??u ??uld b? d??ng ??ur h?m? bu??n??? full-t?m? ?n ?nl? ? ???r fr?m n?w…w?uld ?t b? w?rth th? w??t?

8. D?n’t g?v? ??ur n?w r??? w?ld ?x???t?t??n?. L?t th?m kn?w wh?t t? ?x???t. Alw??? b? h?n??t w?th th?m.

9. R??l?z? th?t ??ur mlm bu??n??? ?? g??ng t? r?qu?r? ?n ?nv??tm?nt. Ju?t l?k? ? br??k ?nd m?rt?r bu??n???, ??ur h?m? bu??n??? ?? g??ng t? r?qu?r? ?n ?nv??tm?nt ?n m?rk?t?ng ?u??l??? ?nd t??l?. Th?nkfull?, n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng d???n’t r?qu?r? ??u t? t?k? ?ut ? 2nd m?rtg?g? t? ???r?t?.

10. D?n’t l?t ?n?th?ng kn??k ??u ?ut ?f ??ur h?m? b???d bu??n??? ?nd ??u?? ??u t? qu?t. Y?u ??n ?nl? f??l ?n th?? bu??n??? ?f ??u g?v? u? ?n ??ur??lf.

11. D?n’t m??l ?ut ??m?l?? ?nd m?t?r??l? t? ? f?w ????l? ?nd th?n ?x???t b?g ?h??k? t? ?udd?nl? ?????r. M??t l?k?l?, ?t w?ll t?k? ??u ? f?w m?nth? t? h?v? ? ?t??d? ?n??m? ??m?ng ?n.

12. H?l? th? ????l? ??u ???n??r ?? mu?h ?? ??u ??n. H?l? th?m g?t ?t?rt?d. H?l? th?m ???n??r ????l? b? d??ng 3-w?? ??ll? w?th th??r ?r?????t?. L?t th?m kn?w ??u’r? th?r? f?r th?m ?nd ??u ?u???rt th?m. T???h ??ur n?w r??? th? ?m??rt?n?? ?f d??ng th? ??m?. Th?t’? h?w ??u bu?ld ? t??m.

13. D?n’t d? th?ng? f?r ??ur r??? th?t th?? ?h?uld d? th?m??lv??. Th?r? ?? ? f?n? l?n? b?tw??n b??ng h?l?ful, ?nd d??ng th? ?nt?r? bu??n??? f?r th?m. Und?r?t?nd ??ur d?wnl?n? ?? g??ng t? d? wh?t ??u d?. L??d b? ?x?m?l?. D? ?ll th? th?ng? th?t ??u w?nt ??ur r??? t? d?. B? ?ur? th? ?x?m?l? ??u ?r? ??tt?ng ?? ?n? th?t ??u w?uld w?nt t? f?ll?w ?f ??u w?r? ?n th??r ?h???.

14. D?n’t w??t? t?m? ?n ??n???, ?r n?n-m?t?v?t?d ????l?. Th?? w?ll NOT ?u????d ?n th?? bu??n???, ?r ?n? ?th?r bu??n??? f?r th?t m?tt?r. Tr??ng t? dr?g ??m??n? ?nt? ??ur bu??n??? ?? ?nl? g??ng t? dr??n ??u ?f ?ll ??ur ?n?rg? ?nd b??t ??u d?wn. L?t th?m g? ?nd m?v? ?n.

15. D?n’t wh?n? ?nd ??m?l??n t? ??ur u?l?n? ?v?r? t?m? ??u h?v? ? ?r?bl?m. N? ?n? w?nt? t? ???nd t?m? w?th ??n?t?nt wh?n?r? ?nd ??m?l??n?r?.

16. Alw??? ???r?t? ??ur bu??n??? ?n ? ?r?f?????n?l ?nd ?th???l m?nn?r. D?n’t m?k? f?l?? ?l??m? ?b?ut ??ur mlm / n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng ?r?du?t, ?r ?x?gg?r?t? ??ur ?n??m?. G?v? ??ur ?r?????t? th? f??t? ?nd ??u w?ll bu?ld tru?t. P???l? ??n b? ?m?rt?r th?n ??u th?nk. M??t ??n ?n?ff ?ut ?f ??u’r? b??ng d??h?n??t qu??kl?. Th?n ??u h?v? l??t ??ur ?r?d?b?l?t?, ?? w?ll ?? ??ur ?r?????t.

17. L??rn ?ll th?t ??u ??n ?b?ut ??ur h?m? b???d bu??n???. St?? u? t? d?t? w?th ?v?r?th?ng th?t ?? g??ng ?n. L??rn ? l?ttl? ?b?ut ??ur ??m??t?t?r? ?? th?t ??u ??n ?n?w?r ??m?l? qu??t??n? ?b?ut th? d?ff?r?n??? b?tw??n th?m. But d?n’t ?ut th?m t? ??ur ?r?????t, n? m?tt?r h?w ??u f??l ?b?ut th?m.

18. Th?nk BIG! Th?nk b?g dr??m?. S?t BIG g??l?. Sm?ll th?nk?ng ?r?du??ng ?m?ll r??ult?. L?v? l?f? w?th?ut ?utt?ng l?m?t? ?n ??ur??lf.

19. K??? ?n ?l??? ??nt??t w?th ??ur n?w ????l? ??u ???n??r ?nt? ??ur n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng bu??n???. L?t th?m kn?w ??u ??r? ?nd ?r? th?r? t? h?l?. Pr???? ??ur n?w ????l? wh? ?r? d??ng g??d th?ng?. Alw??? ?t l???t ??nd ?n ?m??l t? th?m wh?n th?? ???n??r ??m??n? n?w. L?t th?m kn?w th??’r? d??ng ? gr??t ??b!

20. Alw??? b? ENTHUSIASTIC! Sm?l? wh?n ??u’r? ?n th? ?h?n?. En??? ??ur??lf ?nd l?t ?th?r? f??l ??ur ?nthu????m f?r wh?t ??u’r? d??ng. It qu??kl? b???m?? ??nt?g??u?.

21. Wh?n ??u d????v?r n?w w??? ?f bu?ld?ng ??ur mlm h?m? bu??n???, ?h?r? th?m w?th ?th?r? ?n ??ur t??m. R?m?mb?r…du?l???t??n ?? th? k?? t? ?u????? ?n th?? bu??n???.

22. K??? ?rg?n?z?d w?th ??ur bu??n???. H?v? ? ???t?m ?n ?l??? t? k??? tr??k ?f th??? wh? ?r? t??t?ng ??ur ?r?du?t, ?r th?nk?ng ?b?ut g?tt?ng ?t?rt?d, ?v?n ?f ?t’? ?u?t ? n?t?b??k t? wr?t? th??r n?m?? ?n.

23. L??t?n t? t????, ?r r??d b??k? ?n n?tw?rk m?rk?t?ng ?nd ??r??n?l d?v?l??m?nt. It w?ll ??? BIG d?v?d?nd? ?? th? m?nth? g? b?. A?k ?n? l??d?r ?n ??ur bu??n??? ?b?ut th? ?m??rt?n?? ?f ??r??n?l d?v?l??m?nt ?nd th?? w?ll ?ll t?ll ??u th? ??m? th?ng.

24. D?n’t ?ll?w ?m?ll ?r?bl?m? ?nd r????t??n? th?t ?r??? thr?w ??u ?ff ?nd u???t ??u. Th?nk ?b?ut th? ????t?v??, ?nd ?lw??? k??? f??u??d ?n th? b?g ???tur?.

25. H?v? FUN! P???l? w?nt t? b? ?r?und ?th?r? wh? ?r? h?v?ng fun, b? ?t ?n ?v?r?d?? l?f?, ?r ??ur bu??n???. H?v? fun w?th ??ur h?m? b???d bu??n???. En??? ??ur??lf, ?nd w?t?h h?w m?n? ?th?r? w?nt t? b? ?nv?lv?d ?n wh?t ??u’r? d??ng.

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