Sep 12 2014
4 Behaviors Leaders Do Not Exhibit

Leaders always have some common behaviors that they exhibit, however there are 4 behaviors leaders do not exhibit; ever. It’s important that you know what these are simply because if you aren’t sure what you are looking for you won’t find it. Make sense? It’s as if you studied for that exam so that you would know what the answer wasn’t.

4 Behaviors Leaders Do Not ExhibitIt’s important that you study the counterfeit so that you know the real thing when it comes along. Who have you been following? Do you follow some individuals that have great leadership characteristics or are you following others that just can’t seem to get it right at all?

The behaviors will tell you everything. It’s inevitable that whatever is on the inside of people will come out. Sometimes it’s just a matter of when. This is why I want to spend some time sharing with you more about the 4 behaviors that leaders do not exhibit. You’ll be able to walk away from this article feeling more confident that you’ve found a way out.

The 4 Behaviors Leaders Do Not Exhibit Just Makes Sense

Do you have an idea of what you would NOT want to see out of a leader? If you have been around someone that you thought was a great leader then they did something to disappoint you this says it all. There are a few that make it to the top of my list when it comes to 4 behaviors leaders do not exhibit.

  1. Complaining-I don’t like to be around people that complain. I don’t expect to be around people that complain if they are able bodied, can breathe and have a skill they can use to earn an income. Sometimes it floors me what people say when they have no room to do so! Those that complain usually gossip as well. You don’t need to be around those folks; they aren’t leaders.
  2. Volatile emotions-If the person you are around is constantly up and down they aren’t a leader. Leaders are the same all of the time. They are usually up and don’t seem to be shaken by too much. This doesn’t mean they don’t have overcome obstacles and  challenges in life because we all do. However, it does mean that they can’t get upset about every little thing that goes wrong. It’s just not conducive to a good working environment or productivity.
  3. Befriending employees doesn’t work-If you are trying to be friends with employees you won’t get very far. It’s better for a leader to lead and for a manager to manage than attempt to be friends with staff. There is a difference between being a likeable figure that leads than being friend with everyone just because you want people to like you. Being a leader is where it’s at.
  4. Micromanagement isn’t for leaders-I have to tell you that micromanagement is a big part of what you do in the beginning; however you should know that over time you’ll need to grow. Don’t look over everyone’s shoulder; it’s not a sign of growth or leadership. You should do what you do best as a leader and let those you outsource to or have on your team do the rest.

These are truly 4 behaviors that leaders do not exhibit so don’t be fooled. Don’t be caught up in the idea that you have to do or be everything to everybody. If you want to be a leader then you can’t have these behaviors under your belt. Ever.

As the leader people are counting on you to deliver. You can’t afford to disappoint your audience or your employees. Make sense? You’ll want to study these “4 behaviors that leaders do not exhibit” so that you can master the right ones now and put them into practice well into the future.

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