Jun 30 2014
80/20 Sales And Marketing Book Review By Perry Marshall

This 80/20 Sales And Marketing review will reveal why Perry Marshall’s most recent and possibly his most influential work should be your new business Bible.

Title: 80/20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

Author’s Name: Perry Marshall

8020 Sales And Marketing Perry MarshallType of Book/Genre: Business, Sales, Marketing, Business Practices, Internet Advertising, Personal Growth, Personal Development, Self-Help,

Audience: All, Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, People in Business, Teachers of Statistics, CEO’s, Employees, College Students, Business Professionals

Description/Brief Summary: Perry Marshall is the author of the 80/20 Principal, 80/20 Individual, & Internet Advertising, The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. His works span an amazing 300+ industries and he is an international conference speaker.

This book was published in 2013, by Entrepreneur Media, Inc. This work has been finding its way around the Entrepreneurial marketplace since its groundbreaking debut in 2013. This book focuses your attention on the many ways that the 80/20 principle is carried out in daily life. When these principles are applied to business, sales and marketing, a new approach is born as to how business can be conducted focusing on the correct 20% of those who have approached you for your service or your products.

What Are The 80/20 Sales And Marketing Pareto Summaries?

Peppered throughout the book are the Pareto Summaries: These bullets are the heart and soul of the 80/20 Sales And Marketing book review and if you purchased this work only for those golden nuggets, you would not be wasting your money.

What is your USP? What is your Unique Selling Position? Interestingly there are 4 questions that ANY seller, marketer or business person must successfully answer for a lead or prospect to become a buyer. If any of these questions are not answered sufficiently, there will not be a sale. If the four questions are answered successfully within the first three contacts, you may have a lifetime buyer!

They Are: Why Should I…

  1. …Listen to YOU? Perry Marshall calls this part of your Unique Selling Position, one of the most important components that can set you apart from all others. This is also known as credibility. Where does yours come from? Who is saying good things about you like, you say what you do and do what you say? Guaranteed friendliness, a live person on the phone and on time delivery, can make all the difference in the world. Ask the airline companies which no longer exsist.
  2. ….Do Business With You Instead of Anybody and EVERYBODY Else? How are you unique in your business model? Is that you only work with those 20% who are producing 80% of the work and the revenue? Where is the focus of your business targeted? With enough Social Proof, as outlined above, you will be able to choose who you want to do business with. They will be auditioning to work WITH you, wanting to join those who can say without a doubt… that you are the only one they want to work with who are proving it by putting those statements in writing!
  3. Perry MarshallWhat Can YOUR Product Do For Me That No Other Product Can Do? What must you do to show that your product is unique? Is it tailor-made for a certain population? If so, you already have a guaranteed result. The experience of acquiring the product, using the product and reviewing the product will be compounded and multiplied. This is when the product sells its self because the “whole” experience becomes unique. One that your customers and clients pleasantly remember! Better yet… they tell others!
  4. What Can You Guarantee Me That Mo One Else Can Guarantee Me? A Unique Price is something that many do not take seriously enough… Too bad, this is the easiest one for the competition to beat you on. Are you offering a premium price for a premium product, service or experience? This is falling in love with practicing mastery! What does that look like to you?

Sample: “Every website needs a make-over. Everybody’s dissatisfied with their website. Most people spend months and months reviewing everything. You could spend the rest of your life chasing perfection.

Half the time, improvements don’t really make things better. Many of these projects cost tons of money and blatantly violate 80/20 because redoing a 500 page website takes months of labor and hardly anyone visits 80% of the pages.” Page 80. (Click on any banner to see what he means.)

The 80/20 Sales And Marketing Review:

I found that the 80/20 principal was all around me once I took the time to see it. I began 8020to apply it to my business. Becoming Unique in my presentation, my conversations, my product, and my guarantee allow me to now target the 20% that are really looking to be in business beside me and allow me to focus that most meaningful 20% on them! I find myself realizing far more than the 10X or more increase in my sales success, I am on my way to the 100X Success level.

The book also offers a number of exclusive online tools that make it possible to really customize what you are gaining from this book to your unique situation, circumstances and the needs of your business. When I discovered the 5 Power Disqualifiers, I realized why some of my sales were never meant to be. Many more revelations will change your business life once you read them and apply the 80/20 principal in your life.

“Cut Your Work In Half and Double Your Sales” ~ Perry Marshall

I found myself wanting to learn more. Other books by Perry Marshall include:

  • 80/20 Principal,
  • 80/20 Individual, & Internet Advertising, &
  • The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

I recommend this book and the online resources he offers to you. Get Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales And Marketing book!

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