Aug 27 2014
Affiliate Business Opportunities: Two-Tier Programs

This is a good sample of some affiliate business opportunities:

Affiliate Business Opportunities that are MLM’s too

Everest Nutrition

This is a two-tier affiliate program, meaning you make money from each sale and money for each new affiliate you sign up. In other words, you sort of create a “mlm downline,” as in a multi-level marketing company. You’ll make on average 35 percent sales of roughly a $119 sale. This company’s products are a “hot” item right now, because everyone is into health supplements and wellness products.

Sponsored Tweets Affiliate Program

Money Maker You sign up for this via the sponsored tweets web banner. The more followers you have, the more money you can ask for per sponsored tweet. You will also earn money (10 percent) for anyone else who signs up on your website and you will earn 5 percent commission from their transactions too. This opportunity gives you three ways to earn money.


This money making affiliate program offers a way for individuals to join a network of affiliate marketers and learn about the latest trends in this industry. It offers ideas, information, and training to help maximize affiliate marketing results. It also makes suggestions for products to market.

Strong Future International (SFI)

This company trains you how to be an affiliate and about each of its products—all for free. Plus, the compensation is competitive. Over 8,000 people join SFI each week so you know it is definitely legitimate.

Two -Tier affiliate programs

WorldNiche Affiliate Program (Residual Income)

This affiliate program is two-tier, meaning that you earn money for any products you sell from your website and you earn money for signing on other affiliates. World Niche is constantly developing new products and keeping up with the cutting-edge.

Affiliate Tips dot com

This website is a great resource for the latest on affiliate programs involving the e-gaming world. Where gambling is a top past time currently, you can make money without having to get involved with gambling. You simply advertise for EuroPoker and various other affiliate programs and you’ll earn money for getting individuals to register in poker tournaments. Many of these companies pay between $100 and $250 for finding poker players.

Ken Envoy’s Site

Sell Ken Envoy’s products teach individuals about how to add content to their websites to sell. They help bring up the Alexa rank and the Google PageRank. For becoming an affiliate, Ken Envoy offers a very competitive compensation plan with one-time and lifetime commissions.

Progressive Health Nutraceutical Affiliate Program

Progressive Health offers natural remedies for common conditions found among men and women today. These viable products are top-selling products on the Internet, sought out by thousands and thousands of individuals. As an affiliate, you offer a very much wanted product for competitive pay (30 percent commission).

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki Aside from his best-seller novel, he also has an affiliate program online. By promoting his various books and CD’s online, you can earn money and become part of his team. Especially where he has such a leading edge on finance and a proven track record, highly consider his affiliate opportunity.

Impact Guns and Ammunition Affiliate Program

This is an exciting affiliate program, because it is entirely different than everything else out there on the market today. While there are more restrictions when purchasing a gun over the Internet, it still can be done, and consumers are doing it. You get a percentage of each sale, depending on the overall purchase price. Impact Guns claims traffic of 375,000 visitors each month.

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