Aug 4 2014
Agel Review and Compensation Plan

This Agel Review and Compensation Plan article will reveal why you may want to think twice before joining this MLM.

Agel Enterprises LLC was founded in 2005 by Glen Jensen, a long-time network agel logo2marketing-industry veteran. Agel carries a line of gel-based nutritional supplements and skin care products.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, the company’s sales are $2.2 million a year ,and they have 25 employees at their Lehi, Utah headquarters.

Agel MLM Products

Agel’s gel based products fall into 4categories: Agel Active, Agel Body, Agel Core, and Agel Live.

Agel’s Active line includes 2 products – one that allegedly increases mental energy and one that is aimed at promoting weight loss. Agel’s Body line includes a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a scrub, among other skin care items.

Agel’s Core line includes EXO, a product that is purported to fight free radicals; MIN, a vitamin and mineral supplement; and UMI, an immune system booster. Agel’s Thrive line includes HRT that the company claims supports a healthy heart; FLX, for healthy joints; and GRN, for the digestive system.

Agel Opportunity and Compensation

Two levels of distributorship are available – the personal pack and the executive level. Agel distributors are entitled to keep the difference between wholesale and retail prices and to receive a “first order bonus” for personally sponsored distributors. It’s $35 for new distributors who come in at the personal pack level and $200 for the executive pack level.

Commissions kick in when distributors meet 2 qualifications. First, they must place an agel countries logoorder of 50 commissionable value or more and enroll an active team member who places an order of the same amount – every month. Distributors have 2 legs to their businesses. They are paid a 10% commission on the weaker leg (the one with lower sales).

Executive level distributors have 3 business centers with 2 legs each. This provides the opportunity to earn commissions on 3 legs (the weaker leg of each business center).

Team commissions are capped at $25K a month.

There are 11 levels of promotion beyond the initial entry level, starting with Supervisor and ascending to Quadruple Diamond Director.

At the Supervisor level, distributors who meet certain qualifications can earn up to 50% of the commissions earned by team members they personally sponsor with a leverage matching bonus.

Senior Directors can earn extra rewards such as an expense accounts and a car fund. There is also a fast growing incentive paid at the executive level through a 3% company pool.

Ryan Nelson Note: The Lack Of Internet Marketing In This Company Should Make You Think Twice About Selling The Product. Internet Marketing Increases On Average 36% Of All Businesses Sales.

Agel Enterprises carries an expensive gel-based nutritional supplement. Here is the first problem: It’s much more expensive than products consumers can get in their local stores. Especially now, in this economy, that matters.

What this means is that it will be difficult to venture beyond contacts already in the Agel productsnetwork marketing industry to gain the new customers and distributors essential for your business and to receive commissions from Agel itself (you must personally sponsor one distributor per month in order to qualify for a commission check).

If you are a “heavy hitter” in the industry and can bring your downline with you, you’ll receive a kick. But you must continue the recruiting in order to survive. One red flag was the departure of a major Agel distributor and well-known network marketer, Randy Schroeder, from the company in 2008.

Two other flaws in the system: It takes 450 people in your downline to earn a relatively small $24K a year; second, there is no Internet marketing component. Distributors are instead encouraged to follow proven-to-fail traditional MLM marketing strategies of contacting friends and family personally.

If you can bring a large downline with you, keep up your personal sponsoring levels to 12 a year (one a month), and can overcome the natural rate of attrition, Agel Enterprises might just work for you.

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