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Joyce Becker daily encourages and inspires everyone she meets to live out loud with purpose and embrace the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Keep up to date with Joyce at: http://YourSecondYouthBlog.com

Set Career Goals: Or Get Nowhere Fast

career goals

Career goals are absolutely necessary if you ever intend to get somewhere in your career. Without goals you are simply sailing through life without clear direction or without any real purpose. Can you imagine getting […]

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Teamwork Skills: Grow Your Business

Teamwork skills

Teamwork skills are often the last thing any businessperson thinks about. They do this without really thinking about it, simply because they are focused on what “they” need to do. Do you do this? Do […]

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How To Start A Conversation

Start A Conversation

Have you been struggling with how to start a conversation? Chances are, you’ve been trying to figure out how to approach prospects for your business, or better yet, you just want to know how to […]

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