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Jack enjoys writing articles and blogging. He has extensive knowledge and experience in writing and expressing himself. He has a passion for music, family and his faith in God. He resides in Vandergrift, PA with his loving wife Donna and their two children.

Noah Movie Review

noah movie review

When this epic movie “Noah” premiered, it seemed to draw a lot of controversy with the Christians. NOAH Movie REVIEW: TRUTH OR DARE? After reviewing this movie myself, several obvious facts were brought out in […]

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Working from Home: The Fear

Club Z pic

Everyone wants to become successful in something, even anything!  But what is it that keeps us from succeeding?  Fear!  Fear is what keeps us from succeeding with any niche, topic, job opportunity, venture in life […]

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Gaming Addiction: Learning from the Past

Me addicted to Gaming, no Way! Yes Way!  “In other words we wouldn’t want anybody to think, when we use the term ‘video game addiction’ or ‘compulsive gaming’ that the problem lies in the video […]

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Turning Your Kitchen into a Home Office

What are the benefits of owning your own Home Business     In a troubled economic condition wherein many people are losing their jobs, many have opted for self-employment. This has become a reliable prospect knowing that […]

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