About Lance Monnie

After 30 Years Lance was able to say goodbye to corporate America. Lance now enjoys his freedom being able to create his own work hours from the comforts of his home working as an Internet Marketer, SEO specialist and Crypto Investor. Lance is married to his beautiful wife of 30 years, has two sons a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. Lance lives in the majestic State of Washington where he enjoys camping in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains

Are You Happy With Your Job?


Are You Happy With Your Job? Do you enjoy going to work each day? Do you feel like there should be more to life than running on autopilot M-F  to and from work each day? […]

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Working Online From Home

home office

Working Online From Home How would your life change if you could make money from home on a platform that’s honest, affordable, simple and fair? Most folks that are currently working have found comfort and […]

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Franchise VS Home Business

open business

So you have thought about starting your own home business. Franchises are businesses and they get their money from you! You are still working for someone even though you have purchased your own franchise.You pay […]

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Franchise vs Home Business: Which is for you

Franchise vs Home Business: Which is for you? That is something you’ve got to decide. You have thought about starting your own business and are asking yourself franchise vs home business, which one is better for me? […]

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