About Myles Warken

A journey of diverse work has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge in a variety of business sectors such as retail, wholesale, distribution, small business administration & management as well as entrepreneurial experiences in some very interesting enterprises. Through the years of serving as an employee and as an entrepreneur I always operated with a deep respect for forming and holding a success oriented mindset, sprinkled with a good sense of humor, words of encouragement, the desire to inspire and the goal to succeed along-side those I was serving with and to.

Colostrum: Immune System Booster


Colostrum …has been touted as the world’s most functional food and highly recognized for being an excellent immune system booster. It has been researched in over 4000 studies and proven to have powerful regenerative, adaptogenic, […]

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NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange


The NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange …is an online game of skill, designed with new features that the developers say will take the concept of Stock Market Games to unprecedented heights and invite participants to “enjoy […]

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Wenyard: Exposed

wenyard - nasgo

Wenyard – What Is It? Wenyard Business & Product Overview Wenyard is an Internet/Network Marketing & Virtual Stock Trading Game – a virtual economic world. Wenyard is a financial community and clever way to make […]

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