About Hank Cooper

My name is Henry (Hank) Cooper I grew up on muck (type of soil) Farm in Western New York. Graduated High School 1950 and was drafted in the Army, I had a brake from service 1953 could not find a job, reenlisted in the Air Force in 1956. I served 28 Years. Retired form the Air force in 1980. Then started working for Kaiser Foundation Hospital as Bio Medical Technician Repairing Anesthesia and Respiratory equipment. I Retired from Kaiser in 1995... I’m currently doing internet marketing

Nutritional Beverage

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage: SoZo® Nutritional Beverage has more than you would get in any other whole coffee fruit beverage. As much as you receive a staggering antioxidant value of CoffeeBerry that is six hundred and […]

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SoZo Healthy Coffee Review

red coffee berries

It’s often rumored that coffee was discovered back in the 850 A.D. era. The place of discovery was in Ethiopia who made the discovery after realizing that his animals became livelier after consuming some bright […]

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LEGAL SHIELD Today more than ever people are SUING each other for any thing hoping to make the big score. Unless you Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey that can pay large hourly lawyer fees it […]

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