Sep 6 2014
Are You Above Average?

Do you consider yourself to be above average or do you consider yourself to be excellent in all things? It’s an interesting question and one worth asking if you care about your future. In fact, if you intend to be a leader or wish to be called a leader you need to know that there is nothing average about leaders.

Above AverageLeaders inspire everyone to take action. They don’t do things to get noticed but they do things to get others inspired and motivated. Have you ever wondered why some folks work so hard at getting attention and others just do the work and don’t seem to care about all that other stuff? It’s because they know what it takes to get somewhere.

The one thing that you will discover is that those that do get noticed have already figured out that they must be different. Being different is what gets you out there in front of people and it also helps people remember you, who you are, and what you do best. Most of all, if you live your life clean and just do the work; you’ll be above average without trying so hard.

What does it take for you to get to that place in your life and in your work?

What it Takes to Get Above Average in All Things!

Whether or not you believe it people are watching you. They are watching you right now as I speak and share this information with you. People are watching you act, speak, and how you treat others. Would you be recognized as an average person or would you be recognized as someone that is worth listening to?

It’s hard to know for sure what people think of you, but then again if you are working at being above average you really won’t care. What you will care about is how you can help others and how you can impact the lives of others in a positive way.

So, here are the elusive steps to working on being above average!

  1. Be forward thinking! This is how leaders think. You don’t have to constantly monitor every single thought. If you can work at that to improve your life it’s a great thing, but thinking about the next step simply means you are focused on living a better life and being prepared!
  2. Do more than you are responsible for. Being a leader means doing more than just the bare minimum. This is why leaders are leaders. They do more than what is required of them, and they focus on living in excellence.
  3. Work while you are at work. It’s one thing to be not focused but if you are not working while you are at work you are stealing company time. This isn’t the mark of a leader. Once you start losing focus you lose ambition.
  4. Focus on being a problem solver. Those that lead and lead well are problem solvers. In fact, the only way to run a successful business is to solve problems. If you aren’t solving problems for people you’ll never get anywhere. It’s a form of helping others but problem solving is what makes you a better person and more profitable as a business.
  5. Be humble. If you ever feel that something is beneath you and you won’t do it, think again. If you have zero humility you’ll get zero blessing in life. Do something that you believe is beneath you or rather focus on giving back and just jumping in and working with others.
  6. Only discuss challenges with people that are experienced and positive. One of the keys to being above average is spending time with people that are there! Focus on spending more time with people that are positive and are resourceful. There isn’t anything wrong with this!
  7. Are you willing to work harder than those around you? You have got to be willing to work hard, and that means working harder than those around you. This isn’t a contest, but it’s simply about going the extra mile and doing what is necessary. Don’t do less just because those around you do less. Make sense?

I hope that these points are all helpful for you and that you see the benefit of all of them. It’s never easy to be something more, be someone more, and to rise to excellence in your own right. You can do it, I promise!

Just remember that when it comes to being “above average”, the above tips are all you need to focus on and live out for the rest of your life!

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