Jul 31 2014
Beachbody MLM Review: Business & Products

This Beachbody MLM Review, will reveal how a fitness company has created an MLM for its business model and product distribution.

Beachbody, or Product Partners, LLC, is a network marketing company out of Santa Beachbody logoMonica, CA, that offers fitness products for extreme workout programs as well as specialized programs for people ranging from pregnant women to people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic to help them manage their disease.

The company is currently managed by co-founders Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. The two co-founders had a wide range of experience before meeting when they were both working for infomercial marketer Guthy-Renker. Daikeler had gone the direct-response marketing route in his career, with experiences in everything from creating products and advertising them to general distribution. Congdon’s route to Beachbody was less direct and included a 3-year stint as a science teacher in California.

Together they created a company that generated $139 million in sales in 2006; however, the business-rating site Hoover’s indicated sales of only $19.6 million in 2009.

In addition to product sales, the company has founded an online support community called Team Beachbody. For a quarterly fee of $38.87, Team Beachbody members can schedule their workouts, chart their progress, and receive individual attention from Team Beachbody Coaches as well as support from other members.

Beachbody Products

Beachbody offers a wide range of workout programs, supplements, and gear to support beach body productspeople in a wide variety of fitness goals. There’s a Yoga workout for pregnant women, for example, and a program that Beachbody developed with the American Diabetes Association to help people prevent or manage Type II diabetes effectively.

Of course, Beachbody is best known for its extreme workout programs, and the company doesn’t disappoint. From Tony Horton’s P90X program to get you from fat to ripped in 90 days to a program called Insanity that’s supposed to get you virtually the same result in 60 days, these programs have “extreme” written all over them.

Beachbody also has a hardbody program for women, called Turbo Jam, in addition to other programs to help women lose weight or just develop a slimmer body and healthier lifestyle.

It’s clear that lifestyle is what Beachbody is about. The company doesn’t just offer workout programs, gear, and weight-loss supplements. Beachbody also provides supplements for a wide range of potential health issues and multivitamins as well as the usual meal-replacement shakes and herbal metabolism boosters.

And while it’s also a good marketing move, the free newsletter that Beachbody offers to people who visit the company’s website is full of good ideas to help people achieve good health, not just weight loss or a hard body.

Beachbody Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Beachbody offers a fairly standard, if very complex, compensation plan based on beachbody team logocommissions from retail sales, bonuses on purchases made by Coaches recruited into your downline, and percentages of downline members’ sales.

The compensation plan comes in a 14-page online booklet, complete with glossary to help potential Coaches understand all of the company-specific jargon.

The retail sales compensation is pretty straightforward, though, and has the potential of being very lucrative for the right people. Coaches earn 25% straight commission on sales to customers, 15% on sales made to Team Beachbody members, and 50% of the monthly dues paid by people they sign up as Team Beachbody members.

That last bonus has the potential to provide some fairly stunning residual income.

In addition to a chance to earn income, though, becoming a Beachbody Coach could mean something of a lifestyle change. Beachbody Coaches are expected to work with the products and report on their own progress as well as to mentor others. In other words, Beachbody Coaches aren’t just distributors—they’re expected to be actual coaches, if only online.

The Beachbody compensation plan is explained in more detail in an article in the Beachbody section of MLM files. The plan appears to be a solid one that provides a good opportunity to people who work their business consistently.

It’s also important to note that Beachbody allows its Coaches more leeway in customizing their company-provided websites and in creating personal pages that link to those sites than many other network marketing companies do.

This means that, with the correct use of Internet marketing techniques, Coaches have the chance to reach out to a much wider potential market. However, it’s also important to mention that Beachbody Coaches are not allowed to market internationally—they can only market within the boundaries of their home countries.

Recommendations Abput the Beachbody MLM…

While it would be wise to be concerned about the huge drop in sales that the company has experienced between 2006 and 2009, much of that drop can probably be explained by the dual challenges of the worldwide recession and the growing pains the company itself experienced earlier this decade.

Recession or no recession, the fact remains that America’s obesity epidemic is getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream media these days and is the subject of increasing focus from organizations ranging from the US government to private health insurers.

But if you’re looking to generate your income quickly, Beachbody may not be the way to go. These online communities take some time to build and like any weight loss program, people are a lot more committed to the thing in January than they are in May. Be prepared to deal with a fairly high drop off rate and fluctuating sales if you sign up for the Beachbody opportunity.

Given it’s wide range of programs, Beachbody is perfectly positioned to market itself as a major cure for America’s most famous epidemic. – Ryan Nelson

In addition, the fact that becoming a Beachbody Coach can also make your own workout routine at least partially tax-deductible is an extra-added benefit. In this way, working with Beachbody can encourage you to become more fit and not only save money, but make money by doing so.

The bottom line here is that we strongly recommend Beachbody for current fitness experts like personal trainers or Yoga instructors as well as for people who want to make a positive lifestyle change an integral part of their network marketing business. There aren’t many MLM businesses out there that can help distributors live longer. Beachbody is one of them.

Woody’s Comments

The huge drop in sales that Beachbody has experienced could well be a bad sign for this company and for people who are looking to get involved with it. If you’re looking for an opportunity with a proven track record of earnings, Beachbody is not that company – at least not right now.

However, there could well be some solid fiscal as well as health benefits for people who choose to get involved with Beachbody now. The company has introduced a new online support community – that seems to be the wave with online weight loss programs these days, and it’s very popular.

In addition, I like the idea that people can take care of their own health and weight and take the expenses for doing it as a business expense on their taxes. If you become a Beachbody coach to get a discount on the products, stick with the lower-priced programs and actually stick with the program, you could find yourself with a healthier waistline and a lower tax bill in April.

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