Jul 2 2014
Benghazi Latest Information – Operation No Footprint

Benghazi Latest Information – Operation No Footprint

The Latest Benghazi information is Operation Footprint – You know that I smelled a rat in Benghazi.  Apparently this is what happened.  The rats

The Suspects

Denial Does not make the Truth

were Hillary and Obama.  Read it yourselves. It is sickening.

1.  Obama and Hillary wanted Quadafi out of power – - reason not stated.  However, a likely case would be his position to:

  • Not take dollars for his oil
  • Provide a Reserve Banking system and new money backed by gold for all of Africa.   In short, he took on the FED and its bankers.
2.  Operation “No Foot print” – - – was created to give the latest weapons to the “rebels”.  This was Al Queda – our declared enemy.  Who promptly passed them to ISIS – - Sunni radicals who have now invaded IRAQ – - – backed by the US.
3.  We supplied literally boatloads of arms to the “rebels” , to Al Qaeda – - – all stated enemies of  the US.
4.    No Footprint: The operation was so secret that DOD was not notified of the existence of the compound.  This was a State Department and CIA operation.  Thus, the “EMBASSY” did not exist because it had “No Footprint”
5.    Chris Stevens was CIA undercover.  He was told by the Turks in person at the “Embassy” the day of the attack that they would no longer forward arms using their ships to the rebels because Turkey had 500,000 refugees and more coming out of Syria.
6.   Within a a half hour after the Turkish representative left the embassy and was safe, the attack began.
7.  Where did the arms go?   They had been delivered to the Al Qaeda for almost 2 years.  We now know from SERIAL NUMBERS on the shoulder rockets that they were used in

Suply guns to both sides

American Arms to ISIS and Iraqi Shiites

Afghanistan to take down at least 4 helicopters – - — probably the Seal Team also. ISIS has received a number of these arms and they are now attacking IRAQ.  The U.S. is thus supplying arms to ISIS and the IRAQi Shiite Government.  Both Sides.

Folks – - – Hillary and Obama need to be taken out  of office and prosecuted.   This is supplying arms to the enemy and those arms have now been proven to be used to KILL Americans in combat in multiple theaters of operation.  Our arms are being used against us.  If the allegation that our administration is actively involved in supplying arms to the enemy is proven to be true, this is treason.
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