Apr 18 2014
Blog Strategy For You

Were you aware that a blog strategy is the best way for you to start driving traffic to your website? What if I told you that with a bonafide blog strategy you could easily start building followers online that you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

As we already know, no great marketing comes about without implementing a strong strategy for bringing your tools and resources together to make it all work. Right? This is why I want to share my knowledge with you to help you get your business off the ground and getting online traffic fast!

Imagine, if you could generate 5 more leads per day, would you do it? If so, then let’s get down to business and talk about a blog strategy that you can use to grow your business online and to start building your audience of continuous buyers too!

Blog StrategyWhat is a Blog Strategy Really?

As you already know, I am going to share with you what my blog strategy is. It’s nothing more than some basic things you need to know to start writing a blog for your business. For example, did you know that the most important step you can take before you blog is keyword research?

It’s important that you do the research before you write one word, because your blog post will be built around the results of your keyword research. You can use a free tool like the Google keyword research tool, or you can invest money into more complex tools like:

  • Market Samurai
  • SEOmoz
  • Keyword Canine
  • Webfire
  • SECockpit and more!

It seems the borage of tools never ends, but the keyword research with the Google tool is sufficient when you are just starting out with your new blog. When you use these tools, you can find out how many searches per month each keyword gets, and whether or not it’s a high competition keyword.

This means if it’s high competition it’s being used by a lot of people blogging. So, go for a good number of monthly searches per month, but choose keywords that are considered low competition. Your chances of ranking on the first page of Google are better when you lose a word that is high search volume and low competition.

The Second Part of Your Blog Strategy

What else could I tell you about your blog strategy to help you win every time? Make sure your blog is well planned in advance, meaning that you have a list of related keywords that you can use to blog about. Make sure that they are all high ranking and low competition before you do anything else. Then, write your article around one main keyword.

Try to fit it in throughout the blog post, using it in your subheadings too. The purpose of this list is to make sure that it speaks to your target market. If you are promoting skydiving gear, then don’t write articles around elephants! Make sense?

I hope that this article was helpful. Technology is always changing, so with that in mind, I have more updates to share with you in the future. Right now start planning your  better blog strategy and then start implementing it now!

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