Apr 28 2014
Blush and the Whole World Blushes with You

I’m sure you’ve had a situation where you Blush and you feel your face heat up and you know you have become embarrassed in some way and have started blushing?

It’s happened to all of us. We’re with a group of people we admire or at a job interview and someone says something to us that makes us feel embarrassed and we blush.

It might blushing cartoonhave been unintentional or even a compliment, but the spotlight is on us. A red flush suffuses our cheeks until we have a fully blushing face. If we were embarrassed before, we’re really embarrassed now.

Blushing can be the most revealing of all human emotions.

Once it happens, it can’t hide how we feel. We may be worried that we’ll be judged negatively or thought weak.

Just what causes blushing? Why does it happen to the best of us? Blushing is caused when you’re in an embarrassing situation. Your body releases adrenaline, similar to the fight or flight response. The result is the same. Your heart rate speeds up, causing your breathes per minute to increase. The blood vessels in your body dilate so the blood can flow more quickly and easily through the blood stream. As the blood vessels open up they create a rosy glow throughout your face. The next thing you know, you’re blushing.

Most people think blushing is cute and adorable. Friends and family will laugh, causing you to laugh too.

There are times however, when you want to stop yourself from blushing.

At a job interview for instance, where you need to appear calm, cool and blushing
collected and you want to prove that you can manage a stressful situation. Or perhaps you’re on a date with that special someone.

So how can you stop blushing?

Switch the focus onto you. If the interviewer made a comment about how you’ve been seeking a job for several months and you feel a blush coming on say that, yes, you have actually been traveling or volunteering in that time. As you say this, make a friendly gesture with your hands. Usually swooping them out and palms up indicates truth. In this way, the focus is now on you and that should keep your cheeks from flushing out. Chances are no one noticed anyway.

You may also try reverse psychology. Think about how if you blush in just that moment, how totally awesome you will be! Everyone will see it!

The last technique involves regulating the temperature in your body. Start by imagining that the heat in your face is traveling past your neck, into your arms, and down into your hands. Now your hands feel hot, but your face is cool. This also works if you picture yourself in Alaska. You’re outside, and your face is too cold.

Watching someone blush can be considered charming.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is the phrase “the blushing bride”. Definitely polar bear emarrassedconsidered a compliment on the wedding day, with brides taking great care to achieve that natural healthy glow. Women spend millions of dollars a year on cosmetics, making their cheeks peachy and rosy, heralding back to their youthful days. Not like the days of the silver film screen where woman wore a bright round red blotch on their cheeks.

Everyone blushes at some point or another.

The next time you’re in a group and feel yourself start to blush tell your friends how awesome you are.

The best blush is 100% natural and if it happens, be proud of your rosy glow.

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