Mar 10 2014
Before You Buy Your First Ounce Of Gold!

The world feels like it’s coming to an end economically, but to prepare you’ve been told to buy your first ounce of gold. If you have not purchased gold before you may not know where to start, where to buy or what to buy. It might be a bit overwhelming for you at first; but you should know that anyone that has purchased gold before has been in the same position.

I get tons of folks that ask me on a regular basis how they should go about buying gold. While my answer may surprise you it’s absolutely important that I ask you a question too. What are your goals when you buy gold? What is it that you intend to accomplish? I ask this because some folks have the wrong idea on how to go about buying gold and they don’t quite understand that this is isn’t really about investing.

Today, I want to share with you some important thoughts on why you need to know what your goals are so that you can prepare ahead for even more difficult times. You’ll also want to know what to avoid and why before you buy your first ounce of gold.

Knowing Why You Should Buy Your First Ounce of Gold

Buy Your First Ounce Of GoldIf you watch the news you see more than your fair share of terrorism around the world and how awful the economy is. I am not here to tell you anymore about it. However, I’ll tell you that in uncertain economic times the dollar’s value isn’t stable. This means that precious metals are more valuable because they are still being mined.

While they are being mined, you need to know one very important thing. That one important thing is that gold speaks a universal language. This means that if you want to protect yourself financially then you could easily buy what are known as contemporary gold bullion coins or even bullion bars. This is because anything pre-1933 could be confiscated here in the near future.

While this sounds conspiratorial, there is still plenty of fear floating around that the government will try to control the gold people have in their possession. If you want to know why you should buy your first ounce of gold, then you should also know that you should buy it when you become aware that you need it. You may want to ask yourself:

  • Do you need gold?
  • Is there sense in really waiting for a better price?
  • Even if my friends don’t buy it should I?

Answering these questions will help you come to a better understanding of buying gold, the importance of it and how you can easily prepare for a better future for you and your family.

Buy Your First Ounce of Gold with Confidence

When it comes to buying gold, buying your first ounce is important. You don’t need to be fearful. The thing is, with the physical demand of gold and the price having gone up on the premium it has had people talking and second-guessing any financial decisions they have made. When people don’t talk so much and they appear to steer clear of buying gold this means that it’s probably a great time to buy. Don’t let this thought escape you. It’s all relative and it’s important that you act when the time is right.

There is no better time for you to ask these questions, which makes this no better time than to buy your first ounce of gold.

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