Aug 6 2014
Cape Caution On The Deadliest Catch

In Season 9, Discovery Channel’s hit series Deadliest Catch introduced a new boat, Cape Caution. captain bill wichrowskiBut regular viewers were welcome to find that the Captain for the newest vessel to join the show was actually Bill “Wild Bill” Wichrowski. Captain Bill had been on the series since season 6 as the Captain of the Kodiak. An added twist to season 10 will have Wild Bill competing against the Kodiak who will return with a new skipper after taking a hiatus in season 9.

The Cape Caution was built in 1983 in Charleston, Oregon.

It  is most known for its malfunctions and breakdowns which caused it to miss a good portion of the fishing season while waiting for repairs.

The vessel cape caution in alaskacomes in at 103 feet long and is considered one of the smallest and slowest boats in the competition. After Captain Bill had a disagreement with the owners of the Kodiak, the Cape Caution was the only ride available looking for a captain. The captain acknowledges that since the boat had been out of the fishing trade for a few years, a few setbacks were to be expected.

Thankfully Wild Bill is an experienced engineer. After high school Captain Bill went into the Navy where he had experience as an engineer. After 4 years of the Navy he found big money in the crabbing industry and ended up in Alaska fishing for king crab. He spent 20 years on the bering sea working his way up to captain.

Today you will find Captain Bills son, Zach on the Cape Caution where zack larsonhe is not only a deckhand but also is learning how to be an engineer. He joined his father in 2010 where he has since been learning what it takes to be a crab fisherman in Alaska.

Nick McGlashan is the deck boss on the Cape Caution. He comes from a wealth of fishing experience having been crabbing on the bering sea nicksince he was 13 years old. Nick likes to joke around on deck although in the episode showing the boat tied up on dock when the super bowl
was going on Nick ended up getting plastered and some heavy words were exchanged between the captain and the deck boss.

Last season during the king crab season was epic with the newest greenhorn on the cape caution. Kelly Collins turned out to be a disaster for Wild Bill and the cape caution.

Kelly begged Captain Bill to hire him for two years.   Kelly indicated he is an ex marine, and has been skippering vessels since he was 17 years old. He told the captain he operated a marlin/tuna boat in the Gulf of Mexico, even dealing with hurricane force storms.

On the Caution he turned out to be extremely slow on deck and had no motivation. As you can imagine Kelly Collins is no longer on the boat.

It is always exciting to see Captain Bill on the Deadliest Catch. The captain’s rough exterior is just that. He can bark the bark but inside he is a gentle teddy bear.

Can Cape Caution finally get it together and make some money incape caution leaving chignik ak the fishing industry after a couple of disappointing years?

Captain Bill is determined to make it a success. The Discovery Channel showed its last episode of the 10th season of the Deadliest Catch.

Get ready for next King crab season, which cannot come soon enough,

For all the fans of the deadliest catch and the Cape Caution it is always an anticipated waiting game for that next season to arrive.

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