Feb 18 2014
Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue Streams

Most Franchise Companys offer one stream of revenue but Club Z tutoring 3 revenue streams are offered and perhaps even 4. And NO, they are not offered for an additional fee. They are all included in the franchise fee! And … they are all tutoring opportunities. However, they are in different areas and to different markets. By broadening the marketplace an owner thereby increases their potential return on investment.

Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue Streams

The Club Z Tutoring business is designed to operate from home. An owner can do it all or delegate responsibilities to others. Or, go in partnership with a trusted friend to operate certain aspects. If preferred a manager could be hired. There are many ways to handle one or more areas the owner would prefer not to do or does not have the skill or time to do.

Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue Streams

1.  One-On-One Tutoring

The first revenue area is one-on-one tutoring. This is an area of some controversy. Some say one-on-one tutoring is by far superior to instructing 2 or more students at the same time. The tutor’s attention is better focused on one child than it is on a group. Others claim that tutoring more than one allows for better use of time and serves the students very well.

In addition there is the question of scheduling. When done at home the argument is in favor of the parent’s schedule. At home tutoring avoids the time it takes for another drop-off and pick-up.

Why not do both?

Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue StreamsWhen it best fits the parent and student arrange for one-on-one tutoring. This also plays into the argument that asserts the student is more comfortable when learning at home. Many believe home learning presents less distractions. However, we could all point to situations where that argument does not fly. Many homes do not have a good schoolwork space. Some homes are disruptive and not helpful to wholesome study and learning.

On the other hand a franchise owner can arrange a cooperative alliance with a daycare facility. And, some schools are open to provide tutoring services for a number of their students at their facilities. This allows the cooperating organization to offer another service to their patrons. These locations may also be more convenient for certain parents.

In the above there are two possible revenue sources. Offer both and further broaden the scope of these services by using the No Child Left Behind tutoring provisions. Supplemental Educational Services options can also be used to add to income. Club Z has several government contracts qualified tutors can access for payment. These contracts help serve many students including hospital and home-bound students, veterans and many others.

2.  Standardized Test Tutoring

Preparation for standardized tests is also in big demand and is the 2nd revenue source. Club Z tutoring meets the bill with proprietary materials that are proven to increase a student’s score. This service can be offered as a personal tutoring service or online. Here again Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue Streamsthis opens potential revenue sources beyond most of Club Z’s competitors.

Club Z has a strong history of improving test scores with their strategies and methods for standardized tests. Tests include the SAT, ACT and the PSAT, ISEE and many others. In fact, think of just about any standardized test and Club Z can probably provide tutoring. Tutors are highly qualified and must themselves score in the top 5% in the tests they tutor. Club Z standards for tutors insure success for their students.

3.  Online Tutoring

The 3rd significant source of income is Online tutoring. This may be the wave of the future that has now arrived and is already in large demand. More and more students want the availability of tutoring in the comfort of their home on a 24/7 basis. Club Z to the rescue. Sylvan Learning Centers is probably the most recognized valid competition but there is plenty of room for dozens more in this growing field.

Here again the Club Z tutoring franchisee can offer a combination of personalized tutoring Club Z Tutoring 3 Revenue Streamsalong with online capabilities. In fact this method has proven to deliver the best results to the student. The personal exchange together with working online can maximize a student’s abilities. Online tutoring is available at Club Z for test preparation, learning of various subjects and on-demand homework assignments.


There are few, if any, educational franchises that offer the breadth of tutoring and therefore the revenue possibilities this one does for the price. Huntington Learning Center or the Sylvan Learning Centers may offer an assortment of revenue streams but the cost is not comparable to what Club Z offers.  A business run from home versus running a learning center facility is as different as day and night when calculating cost of operations.

For anyone looking to open a tutoring educational business Club Z is at the top of my short list.

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