Jun 16 2014
Continued Learning

Continued Learning = Improvements - Part 10 -  The Baker’s Dozen Features and Benefits of Vertical Rising

Continued Learning is a constant need for people making money online. Due to never ending changes on the internet continued learning is necessary. The system we are reviewing here is committed to keep up with those changes.

Ryan, founder and developer, is devoted to a top quality program. The Vertical Rising platform is on the leading edge. Ryan is zealous to maintain that leading edge position.Continued Learning

The idea of things changing is not new. And, change is constant. Heraclitus of Ephesus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, is credited with many sayings. One of his most famous is: “Change is the only constant.”

Knowledge is always on an upward growth path. Knowledge in the 40’s, at the time of World War II, was thought to double once every 24 years? In the near future knowledge is expected to double every 12 hours! Sound impossible? Yes, but that is what those who calculate such things estimate. Well … that being true … continued learning is guaranteed to never cease at Vertical Rising.

Just look at the growth of the internet. Worldwide users of the internet in December 2000 was about 360 million. The world’s population was almost 7.5 billion. By June, 2012 internet users had increased from 360 million to nearly 2.5 billion or continued learning1/3 of the world’s population.

Internet content is also expanding rapidly. It’s estimated that content on the internet is growing at a current rate of 81% per year. This dynamic growth is what drives internet changes.

In 2013 Internet advertising was estimated to be over $30 billion. Imagine the potential there. Members of the Vertical Rising alliance control advertising on each of their article pages. The need for continued learning for successful internet marketing is therefore critical.

YouTube is growing at an even faster pace. As of May 2012 one hour of video is added every second! Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Need we say more about the need for continued learning and how it’s happening on the internet?


Vertical Rising Growth

A Review  -  Continued Learning at Vertical Rising

As membership grows talent assets also grows at Vertical Rising. Additional members not only require more, they give more. Every week members experience improvements in Vertical Rising’s writing platform.

As additional members contribute more articles traffic grows. That means continued learning takes place by both members and readers. The system is designed so that visitors of any given article may view any number of additional articles.

Internet Changes impact Vertical Rising

Continued learning is necessary because of internet growth and change. Vertical Rising keeps up with changes to continuously improve page rankings. Members arecontinued learning = growth kept in the loop to implement changes to increase readership and revenue. Every additional improvement adds value to a member’s brand. Since members own their business, branding is important. The point is that this system is not stagnant. Constant improvements are necessary and they tend to contribute to more growth.

Knowledge Growth Demands Continued Learning

Growth also brings change. Change brings the need for new and continued learning. Those who grow and develop with change are those who are most successful. Members at Vertical Rising are given every opportunity to grow their business.

Vertical Rising Membership is Continuously Improving

Improvements are expected at Vertical Rising and they are included in the membership. Webinars are not held to sell the new whiz-bang improved product. Webinars are held to keep members informed and to help them make changes easily.

Continuous learning may sound like a pain. However, it’s been a part of our world fromcontinued learning the beginning. Changes, new knowledge and growth all demand continuous learning in order to keep up. Continued learning is a lifelong habit of the successful. The administration at Vertical Rising is focused on making needed changes as easy as possible. Continued learning is not a pain, it is a plan for success.


We can all Expand and Improve our Horizons with Enthusiastic Continued Learning!


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