Aug 7 2014
The Cornelia Marie On Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch

The Cornelia Marie of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch is most decidedly the sentimental viewer’s favorite.

cornelia marieThe beloved Captain Phil Harris passed away during filming of the show in Season 6 after suffering a stroke on January 29, 2010 while off-loading fish in port. He passed away from a fatal pulmonary embolism in on February 9, 2010. Viewers watched with heavy hearts as the show documented to Captain’s last days and the grief of the faithful crewmembers.

The Cornelia Marie was built in 1989 in Alabama.

She is 128 feet long and carries 28,500 gallons of gas. She brings 180 crab pots and can hold 312,000 pounds of King crab. She participated in the rescue of the sinking vessel Big Valley in which all but one crewmember perished. Even though the Cornelia Marie appeared in Season 1, she became a featured vessel during Season 2.

For six seasons, viewers brought the crew of the Deadliest Catch vessels into their living rooms. The crew’s personal lives, interactions, and drama unfolded each week. But in Season 6, it all changed.

Captain Phil Harris had been complaining about being tired. He went to his stateroom tocaptain phil get some pain medication. His crew became concerned when he hadn’t returned after several minutes. They subsequently found Phil on the floor of his stateroom, conscious but unable to move his left leg and hand. Immediately, EMS personnel were called.

All the while, the Deadliest Catch camera crew stopped filming out of respect for the severity of the incident. But Captain Phil insisted that filming continue. He said viewers will want to see the bond between family members in a time of crisis. The camera crews reluctantly filmed Harris being taken away to the hospital. Eleven days after emergency brain surgery to remove an embolism, Captain Phil Harris passed away.

With heavy hearts, the Cornelia Marie was captained by Jim Harris and Derrick Ray.

The Cornelia Marie did not participate in Season 8 and sat dry docked in Kodiak, Alaska. But in the end, the helm of the Cornelia Marie is where it belongs back in the hands of another Harris.

A new dawn has risen for the Cornelia Maria as Phil’s son Josh has took over as Co-Captain and owner in 2013.

captain josh harrisThe wheelhouse of the Cornelia Marie is in the back of the ship with the holds forward. The pilot house contains state of the art communications, radar, and computer equipment. The interior of the Cornelia Marie contains three staterooms for the crew, a professional grade kitchen, and a staging area for the crew to don their rain gear before heading out on deck. Very minimalistic quarters for such a long time out at sea.

The Cornelia Marie was not picked up for the entire Season 10 of the deadliest catch.

But with the crew gaining more stability, look for this vessel to steam back into full time status. There is a lot of gear, videos, books, and other merchandise available for the Cornelia Marie fans. As the crew was last seen making renovations to the boat, perhaps things are finally turning positive. And with calmer seas ahead.

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