Apr 25 2014
Council on Foreign Relations – Origin and New World Order Objective, Examine Charge that it Runs the US and Discernment When Reading the Internet

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Joseph P. Hawranek, Ph.D.

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“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is act”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Secret Societies in America

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Secret Society Speech



The internet has many articles on the Council on Foreign Relations.  For our purposes, I will abbreviate it as CFR. This article examines the CFR origin, the founders’ objectives, what it has done and where it is today in meeting that objective. I have found that one must use discernment in reading items on the internet. In this modern world of Instant Information Gratification (IIG), one must also learn to assess the probability of the stated as being true of false. See my recent article “If you are Out of Work, Out of Options, Running out of Benefits, then understand: The Jobs Are Gone –There is a Solution” for the definition of IIG, here. Data and information are two different things. I consider information as refined and filtered data. Part of the filtering must rely on an individual’s ability to assess plausibility and probability. This is what I call discernment. It takes readers who try to discern information from the flood of data that comes their way to become responsible American citizens. I attempt to educate these type of people. They are the movers and leaders of society.

The methodology used in this article is to briefly review the ownership of the press since the 70s; to evaluate the internet vs. the media with respect to believability; review the origin

Round Table Control

NWO and the Round Table

and objectives of the Council on Foreign Relations; review “Elites” as to who they are, their objectives and how the CFR is involved. Then, I focus my efforts at explaining the job of any reader of my Blog or others on the internet. Finally, I direct a short focus on some of the new and strange technologies reported on the internet but seldom in the media. These are real things usually placed under the “Secret” category so that “plausible deniability” wrap of the government can be used. This is one of the government’s standard cover up techniques. How does one deal with these hard to believe events that are plausible but not very probable

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
On the CFR, let us start with a quotation – - –

“Since its founding… the CFR has been the preeminent intermediary between the world of high finance, big oil, corporate elitism, and the U.S. government. Its members slide smoothly into cabinet-level jobs in Republican and Democratic administrations. The policies promulgated in its quarterly journal, Foreign Affairs, become U.S. government policy.” — Jonathan Vankin

Is there truth in this statement? My research says that it is true but it is seldom mentioned in the popular Press. Let us look at the Founding Corporate Members of the CFR. This is

CFR and the NWO

Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, Bilderbergers Work Together for the New World Order

where the money resides and influence exists.
o Bank of America (Bank)
o Chevron (Oil)
o Exxon Mobil (Oil)
o Goldman Sachs (Bank)
o Hess Corporation (Oil)
o JP Morgan Chase (Bank)
o McKinsey and Company ($10 million / year contract to do research for CFR)

Thus, we have three banks and three oil companies and a consulting firm that operates as their think tank for many years with a contract that has been reported s $10 million / year. Yankin’s allegation appears to be correct.

Now let us look at a quote from JFK that attracted me to a man named Carroll Quigley. Quigley was Clinton’s brilliant teacher at Georgetown. It is reported that Quigley holds the honor of being the youngest Ph.D. that Harvard ever awarded.

“As a teenager, I heard John Kennedy’s summons to citizenship. And then, as a student, I heard that call clarified by a professor I had named Carroll Quigley.” — Democratic Presidential Nominee Bill Clinton

Quigley was a “screener” for the CFR. He was the one that chose Bill Clinton to get a Fulbright Scholarship to Oxford; Quigley was also the official historian of the Council on

New World Order and the Rockefellers

Defines New World Order

Foreign Relations (CFR). He points out in his unique and outstanding book, Tragedy and Hope, The History of the World in our Time, that the CFR goes back to Cecil Rhodes
even though the popular press reports that David Rockefeller founded it in 1921. I quote Quigley:

“. . . in February 1891, three men . . . organized a secret (emphasis added) society. . . The Leader was Cecil Rhodes. . …..the Second was William T. Stead (Journalist) . . . The third was Reginald Baliol Brett (Lord Esher), friend and confidant of Queen Victoria, and later to be the most influential advisor of Kink Edward VII and King George V.
“. . . Alfred Milner was added to the society by Stead . . . Rhodes and Milner sought . . .to unite the world, and above all, English speaking people, in a federal structure around Britain.” Quigley, Carroll (1910- 1977), The Anglo American Establishment, From Rhodes to Clivedon, Books in Focus, NY, NY pg. 49

Between 1910-1915, the Secret Society evolved into an international group of conspirators (persons who are involved in a secret plan to do something harmful or illegal) called the Round Table Groups, set up in seven nations, Britain, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India and the United States. Note that the organizations were organized under different names:

o England – Royal Institute of International Affairs (1891)
o Canada – The Canadian Institute of International Affairs (1928)
o US – Council on Foreign Relations (1921)

What was illegal? They were a supranational group that wanted to organize a New World Order that would subjugate the sovereign nations within which they worked to loss of

Conspiracy identificaiton

Conspiracy Identified with Rockefeller

sovereignty to the supranational organization. They knew this and worked in secret as to their ultimate objective. This makes them conspirators.

I will not get into details because it is beyond the scope of this article but the CFR could not achieve what it has achieved without using psychological operations (PSYOPS). The CFR operates through the Round Table Group. The American people are among the groups targeted by the PSYOPs. One of the techniques used is to use “tactics of deception” which means put people on both sides of an issue. The CFR is on both sides such as being the advisors of both the Democratic and the Republican parties. Another is to lie and a third is to place lawyers on committees to further the CFR aims. They use all three techniques.

One has to wonder why the Press has not openly reported the above. Review the JFK speech on Secret Societies provided in the introduction. Also, why is it that you can find IIG (Instant Information Gratification) information about this subject openly on the internet. Let us examine the probable cause.

The Press vs. the Internet

The Press

In order to compare the press performance and the Internet, let us go back in time to the early 70s. In the 70s, the press was generally looked upon as a reliable tool for the
Elite to sway masses because it was a generally trusted medium by the masses.

Control of hte Press

How the Elites Control the Media Content

Detecting this fact, made it a very good medium for the elite to use for propaganda to sway the public in the direction that they wanted to head society. It is a fact that in 1983, 50 companies owned 93% of the press. Honesty, competition and good investigative reporting were prevalent.

My research has shown that by 2006, only eight companies effectively owned the entire press in America. By 2012, the ownership had fallen to six companies. These companies were Disney, GE, News Corp., Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. As an aside, GE, Boeing, Priceline and Verizon have paid no taxes for the last five years. As a result, if one wanted to affect the news and one had power such as the CFR, one needed to call up only six people – the CEOs of these firms. This phenomenal amount of power has been ignored by the general press and the Congress.

Research has shown that the six companies use collectively only 240 media executives to control 90% of the news in the United States. It is widely believed that by 2014, the Democratic Party controlled the mainstream media in the United States – - – and it is apparent in the biases provided to the American people by the national media as “news”.

The Internet

The Internet is a phenomenon that was not counted on by the Elite. It threw them a curve.  They could not control its content. The number of users on the Internet that looked to

Internet Speaks the Truth

Internet is a Threat to the Elites

gather world news, local news and national news grew exponentially. In my recent article, “If you are Out of Work, Out of Options, Running out of Benefits, then understand: The Jobs Are Gone –There is a Solution”   that was on the topic of unemployment, I showed that the Internet grew between 2005 and 2011 by 1 billion users. This type of growth in such a short time period on a new medium has never been seen before in the history of the world.

When one compares the Internet versus the media, one soon concludes that the public media is a propaganda broadcast medium for the elite. It mostly relays the news that they want you to believe. On the other hand, the Internet is a mixed bag. It has truth mixed in with fiction. The Internet with its blogs is generally honest and most attempt to be accurate; however, some people with vivid imaginations blog about all kinds of strange things, e.g. “amphibians”. This nonsense is intermixed with the truth. It is up to the reader to discern the truth from among all the noise. On the other hand, the reader should know that the Elites are only allowing their ideas to be promoted on the normal media. As a result, for the discerning reader, it is easier to get the truth off the internet.

Now let us look at my blog. I state very clearly some things as being my opinion – and guess what? That is exactly what it is, my opinion. When I state that my research has shown that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel, I am stating that as a fact. My personal goal is to clarify and educate people on the truth. Thus, I try to explain, “What really happened” in our economy; in our geopolitical situation; who the players are and why they act as they do. Please be a discerning reader.


It is a reasonable question to ask, “What is an ‘elite’?” This is a “catch all” phrase but my research indicates that the elites are generally considered the real power brokers in

FDR Depression coments

FDR Comment on Bankers

society. These are the heads of government, heads of large banking corporations, corporate heads of large banks and transnational corporations. They generally meet and get “informed” in the alphabet group of international and national organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Tri-Lateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. At these meetings, the elite generally get the direction provided by the founders of these organizations (Rockefeller family in every case) from the inner circles of these organizations.


It is relevant to diverge here to define fascism. Mussolini who created the first fascist state defined it as “corporatism”. The way it works is that the government helps the corporations to make profits by changing laws and aiding them in any way they can as legislators. They make laws that are in the best interests of the corporations not the people. Obamacare comes to mind. The corporations in turn help politicians to stay in power by funding their reelection campaigns to ensure that they are reelected. This has created a Professional class of people called “Politicians”. This analysis shows that if they do their jobs for the fascist corporations, they become professional liars to their constituency. Not all of our Congressmen are like that but too many are.


One could reasonably ask, “What motivates an elite? Interestingly, it is probably not money because most of the top layer of the elite chain are billionaires. Those lower on the chain

UN is controlled by bankers

UN is a front for bankers to make money and have power

are either millionaires or centi-millionaires. I believe that money is a minor motivator. The elite expect but no longer have to strive for money. What really motivates the elite is “power”. This is the power of elected office and the power of affecting those in elected office to use their ideas and enforce those ideas upon society. Further, it is the thought of the power that they anticipate they would have if the world were run in a manner that matched their ideas of a New World Order. It would be run by the United Nations, which they feel that they could direct. Remember no one is elected to the UN. Political leaders of sovereign nations appoint all the members. The political leaders are controlled by money to get themselves reelected. The Elite are de-facto in charge.

Retrospective Personality

It is my belief that for the most part, these fascists have retrospective personalities. Let us review how a fascist thinks. A fascist who wants power or who wants to retain power will do anything, say anything, plan anything to get and remain in power. They are usually retrospective personalities. As a retrospective individual, they must seek advice from an “adviser” that they trust. Voila! The alphabet soup of international and national organizations provides that “trusted adviser” role. These advisers have all been advising them to work toward a New World Order. This gives the political elite that attend these meetings a clear plan to follow with no conflict. Retrospective individuals do not like conflict.  If they get it, they usually act physically to overcome.  Following a plan is an easy out for them because it comes from a trusted source and everyone is doing it. The rich families that funded these organizations use them as fronts for respectable advisers. These organizations are the club of Rome, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (Source: Who’s Who of the Elite V9 – Members of the Council on  Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones Society and Tri-Lateral Commission, Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.).

Research has shown that all these organizations use the original Illuminati method (1771) of organization. They use circular areas of control from the inner to the outer circles. The directions for action come from the core inner circle and are communicated to the outer circles at these meetings. The inner circles members and policies are not known and not printed. The outer circles generally are for the public to see. It is highly unlikely, that they have access to the real objectives of the organization. Let us see what others say:
Pat Robertson, The New World order, 1991, pages 66 to 67 says –

“The August body of ‘wise men’ has effectively dominated the making of foreign possible policy by the United States government since before World War II. The CFR has included virtually every key national security and foreign policy advisor of this nation for the past 70 years.”

Rear Adm. Chester Ward who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for 15 years and was a former Judge Advocate General of the Navy from 1956 to 1960 left the CFR because of CFR policies that he found repulsive and said in his memoirs,

“The purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of US sovereignty, and the national independence and to an all-powerful one world government is the only objective revealed to about 95% of the 1551 members (1975). There are two other ulterior purposes the CFR influence is being used to promote; but it is improbable that they are known to more than 75 members, or that these purposes ever have been identified in writing.


The goals of the establishment are somewhat strange…. At the central core is a belief in the superiority of their own skill to form a world system in which enlightened monopolistic capitalism can bring all of the diverse currencies, banking systems credit, manufacturing, and raw materials into one government – supervised whole, policed of course by their own army.”

Robert Ross says that the elites are ruthless and they will employ plots activated over years to meet their world government goal. They will stage false flag attacks, start wars, murder, steal, lie and perjure just to get power or to retain it. I believe that this is consistent with retrospective personalities working in a fascist political environment that want to retain or gain power.

These ideas are not mainstream news on local channels. Thus, at times, I may be put into a “conspiracy nut” column which is not true. Rather, I just go where logic drives me. My positions at times are difficult to prove since the elitists control the mainstream media. For instance, you will never hear from them, what I believe to be the truth about the following:

o The Federal Reserve is a criminal banking cartel;
o COMMEX fraud is being carried out in the commodity markets;
copyright©Raven Communications all rights reserved, 2014 Page 7
o JP Morgan manipulates the silver market;
o Gold is moving from the West to the East to directly aid the Chinese to get rid of their depreciating dollars and buy tangible assets;
o Many of the recent Banker suicide deaths are not suicides.

So what is going on? I believe that the answer is that the world is about to change to a new international reserve. Some insight may be found below in the discussion about our currency.


The US dollar is going to collapse because of our debts, credit obligations and our income. It is just a matter of time and it is inevitable. The world knows this. The American press

Dollar is about to Crash

Trend on Dollar value

does not report it and the Politicians in power are trying to everything they can to prevent it. If it happens, they will lose power.

In the United States if you were born in the last 60 years you have lived like a king compared to the rest of the world. Everything went your way – job, healthcare, good medicine, good food, cheap energy, great housing and a lifestyle that made the US the envy of the world. Those days are ending.

The US is on the verge of an economic collapse. The ride down will not be easy. The US has a big GDP, big military, the world’s largest banks and she is the envy of the world. However, the US is not immune to economic laws and the greed and over-expansion made by our fascist governments. We have become the world’s cop. The Military industrial complex has benefited and become richer but the common citizen in America has not.

Your Job as a Reader of My Blog and the Internet

Please read and discern whether what I am writing about makes sense, is verifiable, and you can profit from it. If not – consider it entertainment.

Technologies on the Internet

Many things on the internet, I do not investigate. I like to focus on Geo Politics, which is the study of a sovereign nation’s internal politics, its external politics with its immediate adjacent nations and its relationship with the two big world powers of Russia and the US. This is about to change to China and the US. I study the geography and consider how and why the boundaries have changed over time.

However, some things are definitely geo-political but you cannot find anything or very little on them in the general press. Our government with labels such as “secret” and “top-secret” covers most of these things in order to make certain that they can use the escape hatch of “plausible deniability”. The major problems of new technologies that have popped up on the Internet is simply that even though the technology is plausible, the probability of success is not known. Further, one must rely on the government to release information about testing results and their intent of use of the technology.
Generally, these results are denied to the public and labeled “secret”. Among the technologies that I am referring to are several that are openly being discussed on the Internet.

o HAARP – can it cause earthquakes
o Chemical Trails – See What are they Spraying? , Ed Griffin, for a good analysis
o Disappearance of an Airliner – Was the US government involved?
o Fukishima Planned Attack – Was this an attack or an Earthquake?


In summary, yes, it does appear that a conspiracy had been going on since 1891 to create a one world government under the auspices of the United Kingdom. The Rockefellers are

NWO and Rockefeller

New World Order Conspiracy – Proud of it

actively involved and proud of it. They have funded and created the CFR, Club of Rome, Tri Lateral Commission and Bilderbergers. JFK was aware and in disagreement with these Secret Societies. He gave a speech just before his death about Secret Societies in America.  Others have discovered and exposed the conspiracy over the years and have been ignored. Since the 1980s, the Press has been under control of these people and now it appears as if both parties have been under their control. Quigley states in his book that both the Democratic and Republican candidates are first chosen by the CFR. In that manner, the CFR does not care who is elected, the CFR policies of the New World Order are still winners.

Events are leading to a failure in the US dollar. A new currency will arise that will become the world’s currency. Our government’s policies have led to a debt structure that is unsustainable and will fail.

I find that the Internet is providing accurate and truthful information to discerning readers. The popular Press oftentimes is a propaganda medium for the Elites. Personally, I like discerning readers who look for the truth. I try to document my sources and label things as true only after I do research. Even then, I make mistakes but they are honest mistakes. I have no agenda to prove other than the truth.

copyright©Raven Communications 2014

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