Jul 31 2014
Decorating Den Interiors Franchise Review

Decorating Den Interiors Franchise Review will reveal my inner roar!. My name’s Ryan Nelson, and I’m former US Military.

(Crickets chirping.)

Did I take a wrong turn and belly flop into a home décor pool?

You know what? The fact that I now know to use the accent above décor means that I moved way out of my comfort zone a long time ago through these reviews.

But intrepid reader, this one’s for you. (Cue the lounge singer.)

O.K, Back to the Decorating Den Interiors Franchise Review.

The name Decorating Den, makes me want to roar…

Decorating Den Interiors logoYou know, there’s something about their name that wants me to roar afterwards as in, “Decorating Den Interiors. Rrroarr!”

Alright, now that I worked out my inner Tony the Tiger, let’s move on.

So Decorating Den Interiors has been doin’ their thing for many years.

They originally started out with custom window treatments that you could order from home.

But now? Decorating Den Interiors does the whole decorating enchilada. They’re a full-service interior decorating company. One of the biggest in the world.

What does that mean, little grasshopper? It means that they’ve got the interior decorators and all kinds of home furnishings to make over even the most ordinary room in your home.

Decorating Den Interiors brings up a valid point

There are interior decorators out there struggling because they’re going at it alone.

Decorating Den imageThe logic is that when you buy into a franchise with them, you get the training, support, and materials that you need to take your interior decorating skills and run with them.

With an initial investment of $29,900, you can get the ball rolling. Decorating Den Interiors requires that you also have $25,000 of working capital. Naturally, that’s separate from the initial investment.

But there’s also the Color Van. No, it’s not a pop song from the 70s. Decorating Den Interiors requires that you lease or buy a car or customize the one that you have. But it can’t be any old car. It must be a full-size commercial van, a standard minivan, or full-size SUV with the Decorating Den Interiors corporate logos.

Oh yeah—the car has to be white.

Listen, I didn’t make these rules. Just reporting them.

Now, with the specific kind of car comes a very specific type of training. Once you’ve been approved for a Decorating Den Interiors franchise, you start a 45-day home study program. After that, you literally go to Professional Decorating and Sales School for 2 weeks.

I mean, I guess that it’s like boot camp for interior decorators.

And the training continues with a 12-module program as well as regional meetings, conferences . . . you get the idea.

Outside the U.S., Decorating Den Interiors also has a presence in Canada.

Decorating Den Interiors’ buying power allows their decorators to get materials wholesale. And their marketing tools are supposedly top of the line.

But you know what I think about all this?

You better LOVE interior decorating. I’m talking a this-is-what-I was-put-on-the-earth-to-do kind of love.


Because you’re going to be dedicating a lot of time to your Decorating Den Interiors franchise.

Now, if you loooooove it, then you’ll be fine.

However, if you’re in love with this review of a Decorating Den Interiors? Then I say step away from the Color Van. You’ll thank me later.


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