Jan 23 2014
The Denver Broncos: FAVORED To Win the Super Bowl!

Last Year the Denver Broncos clinched The AFC title and “punched their ticket” to the 2014 NFL Super Bowl.  It was not their best game of the season. Even though football records were broken in 2014, Peyton Manning looked like a continuation of the games of the regular Denver Broncos logoseason as the new season, 2015 started. Peyton Manning continues to make great passes for touch down records, and this time he earned the honor of being victorious over every team in the NFL. Very well earned and INCREDIBLY EXCITING for the Denver Bronco fan!!

The season is never long enough for football fans, yet the end of this season will not be complete for the Denver Bronco Fans until the Super Bowl has been won! This season will be an especially memorable one for me, because I will be able to watch at least 2 Denver Bronco games with family and… if all goes well, I look forward to watching the Broncos Win the Super Bowl with great friends in 2015! Faithful Bronco fans also continue to believe it is our turn to win the big one!

The fans do have one more task… Get ready to watch and judge the 2015 Super Bowl commercials while consuming tons of junk food. Then they will celebrate (safely) as Denver is awarded the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the Super Bowl!

The Denver Broncos to Break Records in the Super Bowl too!

The Denver Broncos continued to break records at the end of the 2014 season. Four hundred passing yards at the end of a season should be awarded by a win. The next question is, how many yards can Peyton Manning throw on his way to this 2015 Super Bowl win? What about the rushing yards gained after the hit before the tackle by the offensive line? Guess we will all have to watch to see.

The Broncos franchise is in their 45th season and it couldn’t be more exciting for the fans! After Coach John Fox had to step away for heart surgery, and Jack Del Rio’s leadership and coaching led the team to wins in 2014, both are healthy and ready to go in 2015.

Some of the records/accomplishments the Denver Broncos Team has set/reached during the 2014 regular season are:

  • Denver scored 606 total regular season points
  • 76 Touchdowns were scored
  • 293 First Downs through the airDenver Broncos 2014
  • 3 games with 50+ points scored
  • 318 After half-time points were scored
  • Four Broncos players made the 2013 NFL All-PRO Team
  • Won the AFC West with a 37/13 win over the Texas Texans.
  • Won the Divisional Playoffs with a 24/17 win over the San Diego Chargers.
  •  Won the Conference Championship with a 26/16 win over the New England Patriots.
  • Projected to WIN, the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks.

Special Mention of Outstanding Players Includes:

  • Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, & Julius Thomas all finished with at least 10 touchdowns each.
  • Eric Decker caught 4 touchdown passes against the rival Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Trindon Holliday had a 105 – yard kickoff return for a touchdown during the win over the Philadelphia Eagles, tying the record for the longest play in franchise history
  • Matt Prater kicked a 64 yard field goal for the record longest field goal
  • Matt Prater went 75/75 field goals for the season.
  • Matt Prater kicked 75 PAT’s and 25 GF’s for 150 points scored by a single player in a Bronco season

Most Valuable Player Payton Manning!

  • Threw for 5,477 yards, a new NFL record for a single seasonDenver Broncos Peyton Ma
  • Best QB percentage of .90+ in the NFL
  • 9 4-touchdown passing games in a single season
  • 4 400-yard passing games in a single season
  • 33  Consecutive games as a Bronco with a touchdown pass in every one

Your Team NOT in the Super Bowl?

No problem!! If your team was eliminated from playoff hopes last year, you may not quite be ready to settle on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl… yet anyway. Why not choose to cheer for the Denver Broncos just because they are going to continue to set records? Cheer for the Denver Broncos and send your energy to the classy most deserving team in the big game! YOU will be on the winning side and who doesn’t want to celebrate that?

Getting To The Super Bowl WAS The GOAL…

The Denver Broncos Winning the 2014 Super Bowl is the NEW GOAL. If “They (the Denver BRONCOS) want something they have never had before…, (and most on the team have not been a team member on a winning Super Bowl team) …they must do something they have never done before TOGETHER!

We laughed many times during the AFC championship game, that possibly Peyton Manning’s “OMAHA!! OMAHA!!” call meant that Omaha was on the way to the Super Bowl. We may never know, but credit the Denver Bronco fans attending the game who allowed all of us to hear Peyton make his calls on television, Who drowned out the communication between Tom Brady and the Patriots at the beginning of this season? None other than the beleaguered Miami Dolphins!  This is a brand new team since last year! This team is set and ready to take some wins too. YES, Denver “deserves” it. The  Denver Broncos are favored!

The Denver Broncos have delivered a season to the fans that most teams only dream of. Other teams now have a standard, one they have not had before. Denver will be a team that tries to outdo themselves starting right now as they prepare to celebrate their 2015 Super Bowl win!! This team will be a winner all season!!

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