Jan 30 2014
Review-Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave ClubDollar Shave Club is a Venice,Ca company that delivers personal grooming products. The company offers razor blades and other grooming products to its members on a monthly basis. Dollar Shave Club was founded  by Mark Levine and Michael Dublin,and began operations on July 2011.it didn’t get much attention until March of 2012 when it launched its popular video Our Blades Are F***ing Great.The video won the 2012 AdAge Viral Video Awards. Michael Dublin began his career as a digital marketer,working for Time Inc,developing custom content for big brand advertisers like Nintendo,Nike Samsung,etc.His next step was video seeding space which is basically driving views to branded social videos,for Ford,Capital One and ironically Gillette.That took him to Dollar Shave Club.Mike got is idea for the video from his experience studying improv and sketch comedy in New York City at Upright Citizens Bridge,with the girl that directed the video,Lucia Aniello.

Mark spent 25 years in product development.Both met at a party and started to discuss shaving and razors and how expensive they were.The idea of combining their talents of digital marketing and product development led to the selling of razors on the Internet.They thought it was a perfect product  for a continuity model,and a membership program.

Dollar Shave Club is very simple concept .You select one of their razors and pay one monthly fee,delivered right to your door.There are three razor options.$1/month;$6/month or $9/month,the last 2 ,shipping and handling are included. The difference between the three are the handles,which is supplied , the number of blades on the razor and the quantity of cartridges you get per month.

I can speak from experience.My husband has been a member for almost a year now,and I can tell you the quality of the razors are par if not better then the popular brands that cost almost three times the price. He loves the fact of that they are sent to the home automatically. He opted for the $6/month and actually have it delivered bi-monthly,which cuts the cost in half.Membership can be cancelled anytime. They have recently added 2 additional products,Dr Carver’s Shave Butter and ,One Wipe Charlie,butt-wipes for men.There is a video for that too.Let’s Talk About #2

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Very Good


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