Mar 18 2014
Donald Trump And What He Says About America’s Financial Condition

Donald Trump is a man that doesn’t mince words, and now is no different than any other time. What would you say if someone told you that America could potentially become Greece on a larger scale? Financial ruin is something we are no stranger to as a country and it’s no surprise that all eyes are still on us to see what we do next.

If you were to ask Greta Van Susteren about her recent interview with Trump, she would remind you that Trump has made it clear that the U.S. is no longer a rich country. His analogy was pretty clear in that when you don’t have money you borrow it. This sounds just like the United States right? If we don’t borrow it we just print it.

Borrowing from China and racking up debt to the tune of $16 trillion is the best we can do? When you couple this with a downgrade on the country’s credit you have sure statement that the country is in sad shape. I want to share with you why Donald Trump hit the nail on the head and why it’s time to take note of his sentiment about our country.

What Makes Donald Trump Right

Donald Trump On America's Financial ConditionWhen you hear the number $16 trillion it sounds like the end of the world but when you think about the number going up to over $22 trillion or more it gets more interesting. Donald Trump is confident that his assessment is accurate and he fears more than just a credit downgrade too.  When you look at it from his perspective it’s different.

Trump has many companies with some failing and some being successful. He knows as one that has experience with hiring and firing people that it takes job creation to make a big change. Unemployment at nearly 9% isn’t a number that resonates well with people. Especially when so many people need work.

The number isn’t real especially when the number is nearly twice this and seems to be climbing. With a number that is nearly 21% it’s frightening to think about it. I like what he said when he said that “recession” is a nice word. Don’t you? What if “the Don” is right? What if he is wrong but its worse?

Robert Wiedemer Versus Donald Trump

If you didn’t know the name Robert Wiedemer you should know that his predictions about the economy were a bit eerie. His take on the economy in America was nearly spot on which makes what Trump has to say look pretty. Wiedemer seems to believe that these numbers will skyrocket from every angle. This means that unemployment would climb astronomically to nearly 50% or more.

The idea that we couldn’t trust those in positions of authority is a little scary. This also means that in addition to unemployment, the stock market and inflation will all change as the country’s condition changes too. The sad part is that his data and the charts he designed were accurate.

They both have a pretty good handle on what is happening in this country but that doesn’t mean we have a solution just yet. If you didn’t see the interview with Donald Trump, simply follow what Trump has to say for some good insight into the changes this country is going through right now.

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  • Wesley BarlowAKA GrampaWes

    I agree that excessive debt can destroy individuals and nations alike.
    In today’s world only starting and growing a business (or multiple businesses) can create the incom you need to: (1) make it possible for mothers can stay at home and raise their children (who may become the the leaders of future generations.), (2) The children can get a college education without the curse of having massive student loans to repay when they graduate (or even if they don’t graduate!) and (3) make the universal dream of working for your money for part of your life and then having your money work for you for the rest of your life become your reality! GrampaWes Barlow, (LtCol, USAF Ret), Wealth Masters M-3 Consultant, Vertical Legacy Founding Master Affiliate.

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