Jun 12 2014
Dreams of Being Wealthy

Dreams of Being Wealthy or Becoming Rich

make money blogging onlineHow many times have you dreamed of becoming rich? How often have  we heard these profound words echoed to us from the people who love and care about our being and welfare ” You want to do what?”, or “are you nuts?” or “you’ve got to be kidding!” Now if I left out any phrases then you fill in the blanks ( teacher, lawyer, preacher, entrepreneur, a doctor, a pilot, and the list goes on and on. Too often we have heard these negative responses to our news that we just can’t wait to share with them; to find out later that our idea is torn down in front of us mostly by those we love and admire.  Talk about disappointment and low self-esteem! But being the person that you were created for with the drive and determination and guts and courage, and yes even sometimes being a risk taker you grab hold of the challenge by it’s horns and you ride it towards your goal with consistency and perseverance.confused

Many times we may look back and ponder upon our past wondering what our lives would have been if we had only taken a different route in our past journey in life.  Here are just a few of what I call “What If’s” that I have listed for you below.  See if any of these have resounded in your growing years. If you are tired of all the hype and seeking an alternative to making real money then check out this video by clicking here

Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy

First of all we have to very honest with ourselves,  we all want to be rich; some sooner than others. We want to enjoy the fruits of our labor and live a life that is more prosperous and  extravagant than the average or common man.  We dream of having all the big fancy toys such as the planes, fast cars, nice watches and spending our holidays on yachts in the Caribbean Islands or some other exotic deserted island. These are things that everyone of us wants, but unfortunately very few actually ever achieve.

Being Rich - Rich just means having money to buy whatever you desire.  That’s it!  There are many pile of moneyrich people out there but not many of them are truly wealthy by any definition.  it comes down to their mindset, it comes down to their purpose, motivation and will power.  Gaining monetary value such as monetary tool such as currency traded for a product or service that you provided.

Being Wealthy – It’s never the ones that are just motivated by money but it’s the ones who want or desire to be motivated to change the world and build a legacy for years familyto come.  This is what is really know as being wealthy!


Family, friends, co-workers, your loved ones are the ultimate fulfilling reward in life – fellow workersThat’s what being wealthy is all about!  Wealthy people are not just rich in the pocket book, but in their minds as well. They are the innovators, the motivators and world-changers who have a significant impact on the lives of a large amount of people.  Take for example Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple, Inc. or Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft Corp., and Donald Trump the real estate tycoon.

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