Mar 3 2014
Drive A NASCAR Stock Car: Experience The Rush

Drive a NASCAR stock car in a race on an short oval track to get an adrenalin rush like no other. You would think that just going around in circles would be a little on the boring side, Drive a NASCAR on the trackbut it’s defiantly not so. Adrenalin starts pumping the moment you get close to the track. Once those super charged motors turn over and the pipes begin to roar, it’s all over but the shouting.

Motorsports are the #8 fan ranked sport in the United States and NASCAR is a huge driving part of that. You could place a pretty safe bet and say that 75% of those fans would love to drive a NASCAR stock car around that track.

It’s expensive to drive a NASCAR stock car, if you want to own it.

It used to be that if you wanted to drive a NASCAR stock car you would have work your way up through the ranks or have more money than Bill Gates. Bill Gates may have a solid gold drive-a-nascar-in-the-pitreplica of a NASCAR stock car, but he doesn’t have one to drive.

Every inch of a NASCAR stock car is accounted for with a sponsors logo to help defray the cost so that someone gets to drive. The maintenance that goes into keeping a 700 plus horsepower NASCAR machine running at peak performance is as expensive as keeping a stable of 700 thoroughbred race horses

Now there is a way that you can afford to drive a NASCAR stock car.

There is one thing about capitalism that is a constant. That is, if enough people want it and are willing to pay a little for it, then no matter how much the overall cost, someone will make it available. That is where companies like the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience or the Richard Petty Driving Experience come in.

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience sets up weekend events at local oval race tracks in the major metropolitan areas around the country. At these events they make it possible for the average person to drive a NASCAR stock car. A NASCAR driving experience is different than an exotic car driving experience. The company trucks in a number of real, unmodified, ungoverned NASCAR race cars for the event.

What happens when you go to drive a NASCAR race car at the event…

Drive A NASCAR San AntonioThe first thing you will have to do once you get to the race track is register for the event. There are a number of forms having to do with liability you will need to sign. You are a rookie entering what can be a dangerous sport liability forms come with it. They suggest being at the track 20 minutes before your class time to complete the registration process. There will probably be lines and if you want to read all the fine print it may take a little longer.

The real fun begins when your drivers class starts. The class lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The instructor tries to give you all the basic knowledge that you will need to drive a NASCAR stock car. He will tell you about the car, what it is made of, what kind of power it generates and how much parts cost. If you haven’t already at this point, you may seriously reconsider purchasing the insurance. We watched one guy spin out and kiss the wall before our class got started, so it happens.

The instructor will tell you about the track. He’ll tell you where the race lines are on the track. He’ll tell you about the special markings and traffic cones they have set up on the track to help you navigate your way around the track at the speed you want to be doing it. Speed, after all is what it’s all about.

Terry Houwerzyl drive a NASCARNext it’s on to the track and into the pit area. You’ll get suited up in a flame retardant suit and a helmet, just like the pro NASCAR drivers. Once you are ready, the staff will pick out a race car for you. The staff will help you get in the car if you ask, but how hard can it be to climb through the window of a car. After you regain some of your dignity you are ready for a few vanity pictures. If you came alone you can buy the picture package.

Finally the time has come. You fire up the supercharged motor, sans mufflers and wait for the signal from the pit crew to start out onto the race track. I can tell you now, that however many laps you bought, you’re going to wish it was more.


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