Jul 12 2014
e2 Young Engineers

e2 Young Engineers is a STEM program teaching the theories and concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Like Bricks 4 Kidz they use Lego and K’Nex bricks to build various structures. Each class begins with a STEM concept. Then the kids get involved, hands-on. They build a model to demonstrate the concept discussed. Once the basic model is built students have choices to make to enhance their creation and then … its Play Time!

Amiz Azor founded his e2 Young Engineers business in 2007. He opened his first center in 2008 and began Franchising in 2011. Within 2 short years he was operating 91 centers in over 30 countries.

The USA market opened at the end of 2013 in Michigan. The West Bloomfield, Michigan USA headquarters, quickly had 30 organizations offering e2 Young Engineers classes.

Worldwide headquarters is located in Nes Ziona, Israel.

The name beginning with e2, or e squared, comes from two words intricate to this program. Those words are entertainment and education. Education being the goal and end result of the program. Entertainment being the main method in how education is delivered. Playing with Lego bricks is always an enjoyable play time for most kids. So the two words of entertainment and education provided the e2. The activity with kids provided young engineers to produce the name e2 Young Engineers.

I think they coined a new word, “edutainment”, where they combined the two words, education and entertainment.

Operating Methods of e2 Young Engineers

The programs at e2 Young Engineers are extensive. Programs are specifically designed for age groups beginning with enrichment programs at 4 years old. Different programs at e2 Young Engineers are offered throughout all grades. For example,  Robotics and Software is one course offered for 7th – 12th grade students.

There are programs also designed for gifted children and for special needs children. Special needs include blindness, deafness, those limited in motion and ADHD children.

There are e2 Young Engineer classes designed for summer camp programs and birthday parties and even meaningful programs for senior citizens. This allows for a wide base of operations to help more people and it provides a better income potential.

Programs are offered in local preschools, elementary and high schools. Many community centers and religious organizations have an interest in providing STEM education. Other locations are also popular such as home-school groups as well as special events in homes and some corporations. The point is there is no need for a centralized learning center. Although a center may be added and beneficial in certain situations.

A comprehensive list of these potential program users will be provided by e2 Young Engineers.

Each class begins with concepts shared in story form and the use of experiments or demonstrations are common. In a class or workshop kids are often paired up to build their model to demonstrate the STEM concept being taught. Team work is therefore built in and is another important part of the e2 Young Engineers program.

Each model kit used in the workshops is specifically designed and packaged for e2 Young Engineers. This way students do not lose learning and building time hunting for needed pieces from a big pile of Lego Bricks. The methods and systems for maximum learning have been well thought through and implemented.

e2 Young Engineers have designed retail kits they call Engino Kits. These kits have all the parts needed to build specific models. This is an additional potential revenue stream for franchise owners.

Initial Opening Expenses of an e2 Young Engineers Franchise

To open an e2 Young Engineers Franchise expect to invest $31,400 to $47,000.

These expenses include the franchise fee. Additional expenses are included for necessary equipment. Equipment needed are the kits from which students build various structures. This is an investment of $6000 to $8500 initially. As the business grows more will be necessary.

Other expenses include normal getting started business necessities. These include a business license, professional fees, insurance and office supplies. There is also a training budget included and 3 months allowance for working expenses.

One item not included is an advertising budget. This will be necessary to get the word out to various organizations who could be open to using the e2 Young Engineers program.

Money Back Guarantee

One benefit offered by e2 Young Engineers is a 50% money back guarantee, if not satisfied within a six months period. The franchisee still has some skin in the game but does have a way out if the program is not working for them.

Franchise Fees

The Franchise fee for e2 Young Engineers is $20,000

Royalty Fees

The Royalty Fee at e2 Young Engineers is 7% of monthly revenue.


  • There is no need to have a central learning center.
  • Model building kits with full instructions for classroom use.
  • 50% money back guarantee after 6 months – of the franchise fee.
  • Additional revenues from the sale of e2 Young Engineers Engino Kits.
  • Outpaces other business due to parents interest in the education of their kids. 


  • New and un-developed in the USA. This could be a plus!
  • World Headquarters is located overseas.


Bricks 4 Kidz started their STEM educational program in the US in 2008. e2 Young Engineers is much the same but with a number of changes. The main difference can be seen in classes and programs offered. Both use Lego and K’Nex blocks as their main hands-on teaching tools.

If this business concept is of interest review both programs plus the article: What is STEM Education? This article clarifies the definition of STEM and lists a number of additional STEM programs.

E2 Young Engineers has been growing every year in new locations, in classes and in programs offered. This is an excellent sign. They appear to be very aggressive marketers. It may be a good idea to link up with e2 Young Engineers early and claim some ideal exclusive territory.

The girls here are showing an e2 Young Engineers app.

Disclaimer: Because of their fast growth pace some of the data in this article may be out dated. Therefore please verify all details with e2 Young Engineers home office. For additional information online visit their youngeng.net website.

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