Feb 24 2014
Create Wealth With Edible Arrangements Franchise – Review

Edible Arrangements is the expert leader in the fresh fruit industry. Their spectrum of fresh fruit products include fruit bouquets, dipped fruit, fruit drinks, salads & parfaits, all made from fresh  fruit.

Thinking of starting an Edible Arrangements franchise?

edible arrangements franchise review - image2Tariq Farid, at the age of 17, borrowed five thousand dollars from his parents to buy and start his own flower shop business. This was in 1992 in East Haven, Connecticut. This business grew into four thriving shops in the short span of 2 years. Seven years into this business, Tariq hit home with a great idea. How about creating bouquets – from whole fresh fruits - Bouquets you can eat!

Thus started the first Edible Arrangements store in 1999. Tariq created and sold bouquets of whole fresh fruits arranged to look like flowers. The first franchise unit came up two years later in 2001. The fresh fruit arrangements has stayed as their signature product. However, they have spread out their product line to carry fruit sundaes, drinks & juices, fruit salads, fresh fruit in chocolate and other ‘pick and go’ products.

 Edible arrangements takes pride in it’s innovative product line and has high quality standards to ensure that freshest fruits are picked and used to prepare them. They have been consistently ranked as the top 50 fastest growing franchise since 2011.

 Main advantages of owning an Edible Arrangements franchise

  1.  Edible Arrangements is a strong growth franchise. In addition to being one of the top 50 fastest growing franchises, it has also consistently ranked in entrepreneur magazine’s franchise 500 and America’s top global lists. This shows it’s popularity among both customers and potential franchisees alike.
  2. They command a whopping 75% total brand awareness in the gift division. This means that 7 – 8 out of every 10 buyers know who they are. This in turn means that an upcoming franchise unit in a new location will automatically have customers ready to shop.
  3. Edible Arrangements has a great marketing program. They use their marketing strategically to convert the potential customers into real buyers. This is the reason their sales has consistently been well above 10 percent for the last 5 years.
  4. Edible Arrangements is not only popular in United States but Internationally too.They have franchise locations in Canada, Italy, China, India, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Hong Kong, Bahrian, Oman and Turkey. With such a powerful international presence, they are are a true global player. It is not a big surprise that their overall sales in 2012 went beyond $445 million.This means that people from other countries also have a chance to create a wealthy business by owning an Edible Arrangement franchise unit.
  5. They allow franchisees to own multiple units. Many of the current partners own more than one unit. This helps one grow and meet their financial goals faster. Several Edible Arrangement franchisees have reported that expansion to a second  (or more units) was much easier after being well established in the primary(first) one.
  6. They have a very detailed training program which helps you take complete charge of all aspects of your business. The Edible Arrangement central team also has an ongoing assistance program to make sure you never feel alone.
  7. Their charitable contributions and the community development projects are edible arrangements franchise review - image5also very impressive. Under the program called, Edible Cares, they give back to the community. This is their way to bring health and happiness to the local community. They are partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Such acts bring a lot of credibility to the business and wins respectability from customers and partners.

Edible Arrangements fresh fruit franchise – A real fresh business idea

Edible Arrangements is indeed a great business opportunity. These days, people have fast paced lives. More and more people are becoming increasingly health conscious. They are looking for ways to balance their active lifestyles. Fresh fruits, organic choices and workouts are replacing junk, fast food and sitting-and-watching-TV. Many people now prefer a gift of fresh fruit bouquet over a box of chocolates. Edible Arrangements provides the answer to people’s quest for a fast and healthy snack – both for their own consumption and as a healthy gift idea.

Their fresh fruit product line attracts all class of people.

  • Fresh fruit bouquets – The original product –  Decorative beauty that is edible.- Everyone loves it.
  • Fresh dipped fruit  - Fresh fruit soaked in white, sweet-n-sour or gourmet chocolate, with healthy toppings such as nuts and coconuts – Hit with kids and young adults.
  • Fresh Fruit Salads & Parfaits – Fresh cut fruits topped with delicious tidbits of your choice – Popular among careful eaters, people who eat lightly and prefer to eat more often.
  • Fruit drinks and juices – Smoothies made from natural ingredients, cooling, citrus and other juices – Very popular with workout conscious population.

Everything is made daily from whole or freshly cut fruits,.No one comes anywhere close to doing it this way. A clear indicator that this franchisor is much ahead of any competition.

The Edible Arrangements franchise business has grown to over 1100 locations world wide. United States accounts for more than 1000 units. Around 70 of these are in Canada and the remaining ones (~50) are at other places worldwide.

Edible Arrangements central team has a big role to play behind the success of it’s franchisees. One important aspect of their help to franchisees is their comprehensive training program that is divided into three phases.

  1. Phase 1 & 2: The initial training is held at the Edible Arrangements University(EAU) at their company headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut. This is followed by an in-store training at an Edible Arrangements franchise unit. You learn all facets of the business – including sales & marketing procedures, administrative work, production, customer service, etc. This training lasts about 2 weeks.
  2. Phase 3: This starts after you’ve completed the phase 1 & 2 training, successfully graduated from the EAU and are ready to launch your own Edible Arrangement franchise. At this time, the central team will send a field officer to your unit to help you with further in-store/on-site training.  The field officer will also participate in your grand opening. This training takes about 1 week to complete.

Edible Arrangements also provides it’s franchisees with a trademark electronic learning software. This helps the franchisee and it’s employees continue to learn and prefect the store procedures. The best part is that this software has the capability to take inputs right from your store and provide real time updates.

Skill set needed to start an Edible Arrangements franchise

  1. Potential franchisees must possess business insight. A previous experience in the role of a branch manager or a franchise owner will help. Your capacity to manage employees, assets & supplies with a vision to grow into multiple locations will clinch the deal.
  2.  Additional skills such as customer service expertise, financial management aptitude etc. are also needed. You can take professional training or educational classes to develop a better understanding in these areas.
  3. Needless to say, motivation and a strong desire to succeed can be very rewarding.
  4. Edible Arrangements central team encourages franchisees to bring up new ideas that can help them achieve greater outreach. However, this is more at a feedback level. Franchisees are expected to follow the proven system on a day-day basis.
  5. Although, absentee ownership is allowed, you are expected to put in hard work and time required to manage & build your business.
  6. A general cheerful attitude towards both customers and employees will help you in your business.

Fees and start up cost of the franchise

  1. Total Investment: $154,316 – $279,316
  2. Franchise Fee: $30,000
  3. Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5%
  4. Term of Franchise Agreement10 years, renewable
  5. Net Worth: $250,000
  6. Liquid Cash Available: $75,000

Typically, around 7 employees are needed to run a franchise store. 62% of the Edible Arrangements franchisees own multiple units. A step by step application process is detailed on their website.

Final Thoughts?

Edible Arrangements is a good business to own. It has a very impressive track record in terms of outreach, sales and appeal to the health conscious people. The franchise also helps support several community development programs both locally and nationally. Their international presence in so many countries outside US is phenomenal.

The franchise fee does seem a little on the higher side. Although, the franchisees have a great potential to make a fortune, their employees do not make so much money. Several employees have complained of intense work hours with not so much extra benefits. The central team needs to look into this and make it a win win for everyone,

Overall, Edible Arrangements is a great business opportunity and one without much competition. The franchise can easily be run as a family owned business. Once established, a franchisee can easily expand to own and run multiple units in no time.

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