Jul 24 2014
Energy Drinks

Are you tempted to stop by the nearest convenience store and grab an energy drink? You will probably find a can the size of a half-gallon of juice!  I am all for being energetic, especially at low times of the day or especially when traveling cross-country.

But, does your thirst and desire to feel pumped up stand in your way of reading the list of ingredients?  As a health-conscious grocery shopper, I can easily spend more time looking over a product’s ingredients than actually shopping.  My family and my health is important enough to take this time.

This is what I have found: Sugar, B12, B6, B3, Caffeine, and Taurine.  These ingredients tend to be found in most energy drinks I examined.  Sugar is becoming known as one of the biggest poisons we can put into our bodies – studies are showing reduction of sugar can exponentially increase your quality of health let alone stave off serious diseases such as diabetes. As for the B vitamins, if you are eating a healthy diet, you are most likely getting enough and the excessive amount you might intake could become somewhat toxic in your body.  Caffeine is really a no-brainer, too much simply backfires as it can affect your nervous system and your ability to sleep well.  Now, Taurine.  Has anyone wondered why manufactured Taurine was banned by several countries until recently?  Yes, manufactured ingredients, not the ones our bodies produce naturally.

Other ingredients include Gaurana, B vitamin combinations, Ginseng, L-Carnitine among many popular fad-type ingredients that have unfounded claims.  Lastly, every energy drink is loaded with preservatives and artificial colors.

I am no doctor, just a regular consumer.  Occasionally, I will grab an energy drink such as Red Bull, but as with most things in life, limiting the amount ingested is key.

Happy Energy-seeking to you! (I am grabbing my water right now…)

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