Jul 5 2014
Engineering For Kids Franchise – A Review

Engineering For Kids Franchise announced their 100th franchise in May 2014. They have had a dynamic growth since their beginning in 2009. Offering of franchises  started in 2011.

Engineering For Kids franchise Dori Roberts taught S.T.E.M. education in after school classes for several years. She had so much success she decided to make a business of it. Her success in the franchise business is already history.

The video below is CEO Dori Roberts being interviewed in Sept 2013 on Fox Business TV about her program. It’s a brief video and provides an insight to the CEO, her program and what the kids do at the Engineering For Kids Franchise.

To meet the CEO for Engineering For Kids Franchise, Dori Roberts, go to Fox Business TV.

Engineering For Kids Franchise is a S.T.E.M. program which means they focus on and teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The curriculum is designed to be a fun experience for the Kids. That has been proven to be true by the number of returning students. Many will probably end up in a related job career or an entrepreneurial business of their own.

Students at Engineering For Kids franchise learn by designing and building bridges, rockets, robots and other structures. They enjoy working out hands-on solutions to science problems and projects. Math becomes easier to understand. Technology becomes a norm to these kids. Franchise owners can make some serious contributions to young lives that will almost certainly last a lifetime. And parents love seeing their kids excited about learning.

Engineering For Kids franchise

History of Engineering For Kids Franchise

For 11 years CEO Dori Roberts taught engineering at the High School level. Because of the demand for what she was doing Dori began an after school program and entered her students in a number of technology and engineering competitions. They loved it and they loved winning. On one competition trip to Florida she had to take her kids, 8 and 6 year olds. They got excited seeing what mom’s High Schooler’s were doing.

Dori says, “They were like, “Why can’t I race a dragster?” and “Why can’t I build an animatronic device?”

“So, when I went looking for programs for their age group, there wasn’t anything out there that started that young. So, I volunteered to teach an after-school civil engineering class at my son’s school where I just took the high-school level lessons and adapted them to meet elementary-appropriate curriculum. Then, the class just filled up.”

Engineering For Kids Franchise Located in Northern Virginia Dori started her S.T.E.M. focused education program in 2009. Engineering For Kids Franchise awarded their first franchise in December 2011. Year 1, one franchise. Things improved, 2012, 9 franchises. In 2013 they grew to 61 locations and in May of 2014, 100 locations! They are on the move! Engineering For Kids franchise is in 26 states and 9 countries within 3 short years.

Operation of Engineering For Kids Franchise

A beneficial aspect of this franchise is that “other people’s properties” are used. Partnerships can be arranged with libraries and museums interested in S.T.E.M. education. Schools of all types love to partner with quality after school programs. Home-School groups, recreation centers, field trips, and workshops are examples of just a few other possibilities.

In addition to the main business of after-school programs, summer camps and birthday parties are offered as well. Engineering For Kids franchise provides quality education to kids from 4 to 14.

Teachers love to work this program and are typically available to hire. Training can be arranged and an owner can be on their way with a well-qualified staff.Engineering For Kids Franchise

Curriculum is age sensitive. Classes can be either mixed or all one sex. Parents are typically invited to an open house where classes are offered. Parents will experience a sampling of what their child will be doing in class with robotics, a roller-coaster and other hands-on projects.

Classes run between $65 and $120 for 6 weeks with a 1 ½ hour class once a week. Party programs can be arranged for 10 to 12 kids for around $200 to $250. Costs are set by the local Engineering For Kids franchise owner.

Initial Expenses of Engineering For Kids Franchise

Since no physical property is necessary the expenses can be better controlled. Once an owner is comfortable they have an option to open a learning center. About 1200 square feet will do the job.

Total start-up expenses are between $35,000 and $90,000 which includes the franchise fee. Amounts vary over such items as advertising and marketing budgets and set-up materials needed, or wanted for classes. Initial employee expenses will also differ. Anticipated budget for the first 3 to 6 months of operation must be considered as well.

The Franchise FeeEngineering For Kids franchise

The franchise fee currently is $17,500.

Royalty Fees

7% of revenues and is payable each month.

Franchise Renewal

This may be the only negative we can find with this opportunity. We do not like short renewal periods. The average renewal period in this industry is probable 10 years. Some go as far as 15 years. The Engineering For Kids Franchise renewal is 7 years.

Advertising Fee:

None set up at present – Plan to aggressively advertise and market in your local territory area.


  • Exclusive territory is purchased with the franchise fee.
  • Quality education is taught in a fun way.
  • A fun approach to engineering is a natural for kids.
  • There are plenty of places and organizations where this program can be offered.
  • An in-home operation with an option to open a learning center.
  • The demand for S.T.E.M. education is high and growing.


  • We would prefer a much longer renewal contract.
  • Hope growth is not too fast.


We very much like the S.T.E.M. education approach. With all that is going on in the dumbing down of school curriculum on a federal basis educational franchises may save our kids. Engineering For kids franchise is one that ranks at the top in our books.

Engineering For Kids franchise Be sure to interview as many franchise owners as possible before agreeing to any obligations. Speak with all of the management team to be sure you are both on the same page and in agreement with how things are to be done. Know what skills are needed for success and that you have them or that someone on your team can provide them.

We still recommend interested parties exercise a full due diligence analysis. When I bought my first franchise I ended up thinking that I only bought a job. When committing time, talent and other resources it should be for nothing short of satisfying a deep passion and desire.

With any franchise the work load is heavy. Although a lot of “how–To” and guidance is provided the buck stops with you. You are an entrepreneur. It’s all up to you to make the program work regardless of how good it might be.

We wish you all the best in whatever your decision.

Engineering For Kids franchise


Keep in mind that many reviews online give a very positive review of all franchises they are selling. We do not sell franchises. We do our best to give an informed opinion.Engineering For Kids franchise

For the most up-to-date facts please contact Engineering For Kids franchise directly.


Meet Dori Roberts CEO and creator of Engineering For Kids Franchise.

See an interview with Dori Roberts on Fox Business TV along with visuals of what the kids do at Engineering For Kids Franchise.

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