Oct 4 2014
Global Coin Reserve: Reviewing the first home business opportunity based on cryptocurrency

Introduction To Global Coin Reserve (GCR) Cryptocurrency

There is massive potential in cryptocurrency to tap into. And through launching of many apps to enable electronic payments, digital cash as well as eWallets using cryptocurrencies through smart phones and the other digital gadgets like sophisticated crypto-watches, customized memory sticks and secure pens, the future of crypto currency is being secured right now. The adoption of cryptocurrency is growing very fast and is already being compared to how the internet grew in 1995 after being brought to the world. So how can you tap into this hot, hot home-based business opportunity? GCR or Global Coin Reserve is your chance to capitalize on the great opportunities provided by cryptocurrencies.

What is GCR?

Global Coin Reserve Cloud MiningGlobal Coin Reserve refers to the first and so far the only network marketing company that offers cloud mining service. The company’s cloud mining service gives anybody the chance to start off in the industry of cryptocurrency and at the same time mine the company’s exclusive GRC Coins. Given the GCR’s dedicated team of dealers that are promoting the success and growth of GCR coins, this is really a unique opportunity to make money. There is no better time to get started than now.

With main headquarters in Dallas, Texas, GCR is the first company in the world to provide a share of opportunity in the booming cryptocurrency industry by offering web services to help members mine their own GRC Coins. If you sign up to be a Global Coin Reserve Dealer, you will get an opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home by just introducing other individuals to cloud mining service.

The main purpose of GCR is to create an enabling environment for dealers as well as coin holders to securely and easily take part in the cryptocurrency market to enable them build financial freedom.

The GCR Opportunity

The reason GCR was created was to help members take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom. It offers amazing benefits with worldwide appeal for people looking for financial independence and success. It offers several products for the members which they can review before they begin a rewarding venture towards achieving their goals and dreams. GCR is the first multilevel company to offer the cryptocurrency cloud mining opportunity.


• Mining

The basics of mining

Mining virtual currency isn’t quite like the ordinary mining of silver and gold but involves the use of computers. A cryptocurrency refers to a virtual or digital currency which is often used to buy goods from any individual who accepts it. The first cryptocurrency ever produced was Bitcoin. Mining is done using software that solves a math problem in order to produce the currency.

You may be able to mine with other individuals in a pool or even individually. If you opt to mine individually, it would take you more time to get past these mathematical equations. But if you do it in a pool of other people, it is faster because more equations are getting solved. The amount of money you can generate is determined by the currency that you are able to mine. The end result of what has been mined will be split among the members. It is recommended that when you are starting out in cryptocurrency, you mine in a pool of other people and not individually.

So how does GCR simplify mining process?

GCR offers a done-for-you cloud mining service to help you mine cryptocurrency. Global Coin Reserve has gone to great lengths to demystify the cryptocurrency mining process which enables members to start mining the day they sign up. There is no need of any prior experience and anyone can get started on any day. Just visit the sign up page on the company website and start mining cryptocurrency.

• Cloud mining

With cloud mining from GCR, you will be able to mine your own GCR Coins on the exact same day of joining. The company does all the setup for you using its precedent-setting one-click mining. If you use cloud services from GCR, you do not need any heavy and sophisticated equipment since all is literally done on the company servers “in the cloud”. This in turn saves you time, money as well as space.

When you first join GCR, you are put in a cloud mining pool together with the GCR members. After completing the mining of a block, the rewards are shared between all the pool members according to your hash rate. The hash rate is your contribution to mining coin. The GCR starter packages offer you more power for mining more coins.

• GRC Coin

Global Coin Reserve productThis is another product offered by Global Coin Reserve. It refers to a digital internet currency which uses peer-to-peer technology. This network is decentralized, which makes it free from all central authorities. Members can transfer payments securely to family and friends fast all around the globe at very minimal cost. The GCR Coin uses latest technologies to not only process transactions fast but also efficiently. The GCR Coin aims at creating a digital currency which hopefully turns into a household name.

• Wealth building tools

The GCR is driven to assist members boost their financial fortunes by providing them with tools to assist them manage their personal as well as business wealth. Being a member, you will have access to the company’s exclusive collection of online tools that will help you improve your financial outlook.

To the GCR, it is the people that matter. For this reason, the company has gone to great lengths to provide members with resources and tools that they can use to improve their financial wellbeing.

The Company’s exclusive wealth building platform will help you:

• Reduce both your personal as well as business debt
• Maximize tax deductions through their Estimator Tool
• Repair your credit irrespective of condition
• It also includes full-time financial educational library


• GCR offers simplified tools to mine currency. This means that you will be able to start mining cryptocurrency on the first day that you sign up.

• Lucrative opportunity to earn a decent income from home by simply referring other people to join the company’s cloud mining service

• Offers products and resources for wealth building which allows individuals to attain financial freedom and independence


• Everything is internet based and this locks out people who cannot access fast internet services


If you are looking for a genuine and fast way to make money from home, this is it. It is simple and lets users to start mining cryptocurrency on the first day of joining. It is the ultimate tool to attain financial freedom and independence. Earn money from mining cryptocurrency blocks and also by referring other people to join.

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