Apr 13 2014
Why Gold Scored A 6 Month High

If you have been following the economy and the reports on the price of gold, then there is no doubt that you are wondering how gold scored a 6 month high. Last month gold actually hit the highest it had been in the last 6 months. This was not expected and had analysts chattering quite a bit. What is it about gold that makes people go crazy? Is it that folks are buying to ensure that they have a safe haven?

Consumers are funny. The price goes down and they still want to see if it goes down more before they buy. The thing is, it almost never does. It sits in the same spot for a long time then it goes back up. What gives? Activity in the Ukraine is affecting the market and there is no way to dispute that. However, you may not understand why or rather why gold is going back up.

When diplomatic sanctions are imposed on a country then there are economic sanctions too. They usually go hand in hand. The economic data for the U.S. has been volatile, but it is truly always changing based upon what happens elsewhere too. European Union output affects this and it’s been affecting growth and monetary policy. Today I am going to share more with you on how gold scored a 6 month high and where it’s headed now.

Gold Scored a 6 Month High Even With a Market Decline

Why Gold Scored A 6 Month HighThere is a modest market decline and it’s volatile as it’s been for a while. The thing is, with activity in the Ukraine and other changes here in our economy we just can’t seem to make heads or tails of why gold is doing what it’s doing. It always seems this way because gold has been volatile for quite some time. However, gold scored a 6 month high and now it’s getting attention.

If you didn’t buy gold before when the price was down you are probably now beating your head up against the wall as to why you didn’t go ahead and buy. The thing is, there is never a bad time to buy gold. The market is up and down and it will be this way for a while at least until we figure out what the next phase is with our economy. As long as we have had this discussion about what to do and how to do it, it seems that we would much further along with a new model of currency.

Equities can be a strange market no doubt, but we see the trend when there is another outbreak of war or other big economic change. Even the Chinese know that their data doesn’t show any gains of any kind, and that is hard for them to admit. When industrial and retail both struggle it’s a tell-tale sign that things are changing. After all, with China being the second largest economy in the world doesn’t this give us clues as to how our economy here on our own soil is changing?

What You Should Know About How Gold Scored a 6 Month High

There are tons of things changing in this economy, and when you have a Chairman of the Federal Reserve that resigns from his position and goes elsewhere how does it look? Gold will continue to change as things change globally and right here in our own country. When people feel confident they spend and when they don’t feel confident they hold onto their money.

Keep in mind that there will be a time when gold is no longer within reach. The time is now. The dollar is going to crumble and gold will be the only chance you have at having your shot to buy or sell. Don’t wait until you see how gold scored a 6 month high again.

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