Jul 22 2014
Great Movies That Can't Get Distribution… Why?

There are many great movies that can’t get distribution, why? It seems Hollywood executives are blind in some areas. Lacking the fabled instinct of the legends of old. They may throw $100 to $150 million or more into movie and lose most of it. Then refuse to fund smaller films that have much greater profit potential. They refuse to distribute films with out the luxury of a big star. Yet often films with big stars also have trouble.

Great Movies: Some Examples

A recent example is the movie “The Butler”  which took five years to make. Yet this moviesmovie had Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker and a host of other A-listers, in the movie, yet it took five years to make it.

Another example would be “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, which had no known US Stars in the film and estimated budget of $15  million, yet grossed over $128 million world wide. Now a sequel is being made.

Another film I have been fortunate enough to see privately, as it can’t seem to get Distribution is “Beyond the Mat” This movie is an extremely well done small budget movie. A great story with young love, which should draw the “Chick Flick” crowd. The guys will be drawn to the sports aspect, a High School Wrestling Team, clashes with cross town rivals with State Championships, and Iowa State Scholarships in the prize pool.

People who saw the movie at film festivals told me, no matter their age, that this film took them right back to their own High School days. One veteran Foreign Distributor, told me, “It brought a tear to my eye at one point, and God only knows how long it’s been since that happened!”  Foreign Distributors are lined up for a chance to distribute it, but the film makers really want a domestic release first, before going foreign with it. To see a trailer go to www.beyondthematthemovie.com

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