Can Coconut Oil Slow Alzheimer's

coconut oil

Can Coconut Oil slow Alzheimer’s  or even reverse the disease? This video is of Dr. Mary Newport and her Husband Steve, who has Alzheimer’s. You will see in the video he was unable to make […]

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E-Cigarettes: AKA The Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigarettes

E-Cigarettes: AKA The Electronic Cigarette is a new product that has emerged on the market. They are smokeless alternatives to tobacco products. They take the shape and form of a regular cigarette and the user sucks […]

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What is Lewy Body Dementia

lewy body

Dr. Lewy discovered Lewy Body Dementia in 1912 while researching Parkinson’s disease. He was examining a person who died of Parkinson’s or so he believed.  When he looked he found abnormal brain cells throughout the […]

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