May 4 2014
Signs of a Heart Attack: Be Aware of the Warning Signs

Have you ever felt like you are having a heart attack?  

heart attack cartoonThe Heart is the most crucial body part, which plays its important role in circulating blood and oxygen so that our organs can work properly. Thus our whole body is dependent on the heart to work at its best.

Sometimes due to some problems your heart just stops working and performing its daily routine task.

This condition is known as a heart attack.

A Heart attack, unlike a panic attack, may be severe in nature or it may be a minor heart attack, but both are dangerous for your health and need special care as well as medical assistance to make it work properly for you once again.

My dad experienced his first Heart Attack when he was only 36 years old.  He had his second one when he was 39 and his third one when he was 46.

The way my dad ate, smoked and drank I’m surprised he was able to keep going at all. After each heart attack he would simply shrug it off. After a few months he always went back to his old habits despite the doctor’s orders of no smoking, exercise daily and consume a low-fat diet.  He ended up paying the ultimate price.  Take care of your body and your life…..You only get one!

The signs in which you may be experiencing a heart attack are shown below:

Chest discomfort or serious chest pain: there may be a discomfort in the center of your chest, which may last as long as a few minutes. It may be some kind of squeezing of your heart where you can feel an intense pressure. discomfort in chest

Discomfort: You may feel a severe discomfort in the upper part of your body. The arms,
the back, the neck, and the jaws can become extremely painful.

Shortness of breath may occur: You may feel that it is harder to breath and some kind of suffocation may persist. This suffocation may be accompanied, or not, with a serious discomfort running down your chest. Some people suffer from a lot of perspiration.

Nausea may also occur but regardless of any of these symptoms if you feel you are having a heart attack call 911.

Heart failure, which is also regarded as a congestive heart failure and is recognized by initials (CHF), or congestive cardiac failure, which is recognized as (CCF).

These problems occur when the heart finds it hard to pump the blood to all of the body parts and thus there occurs pressure and in the end it results in a heart attack.

Signs of a heart attack in women can be identified as follow:

Uncomfortable pressure running down your chest

Pain or discomfort in one or both arms and/or legs

Shortness of breathes, as well as vomiting.

Signs of a heart attack in men

Fullness, digestion problems along with choking may occur

Extreme weakness and/or nausea.

Heartburn feeling may occur.

You may also be feeling chest pressure and discomfort.

The symptoms of heart attack in men and women are similar to some extent but both need extra care as well as immediate medical assistance.

call 911 cartoonWhen you are feeling these pains, or if these symptoms persist, then every second of your life counts. Don’t waste a single moment. Call 911 to seek medical advice. This will allow the doctors a faster response and they can begin your treatment immediately as heart attacks are many times a fatal disease and can wreck your heart as well as your life.

Dizziness may also persist which will make you feel like you don’t want to move. It’s crucial for you to get proper attention as well as proper treatment as soon as possible.

After treatment and depending on the severity of a heart attack some people may go back to working normally again and some may not.

This will be something that will be discussed with your doctor.

Currently there are 800,000 people each year that will die from this disease, 500,000 of them will be suddenly and without warning.

So eat healthy, exercise regularly and if you smoke, stop! You don’t want to be the next heart attack victim.

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