Sep 13 2014
Hebrews Chapter 2 video of 1st Life Lesson

Hebrews Chapter 2 presents The First of many Hebrews Life Lessons

Hebrews Chapter 2

Hebrews chapter 2 first of several life lessons is keyed by the word “therefore”. You are probably aware of the old adage regarding the word “therefore.” Whenever we see the word “therefore”, we are to stop to consider what it is there for. We are to first look back to see what was said. Because of that we are to look ahead to see what the conclusion is or what needs to be done.

In this case the “therefore” in verse 1 is there to warn us about how we handle what we heard in chapter one. Chapter one presents Jesus as superior. Listed are 21 credential statements of who Jesus is. This is rather amazing! These statements speak to His superiority over angels and over all creation.

The admonition is to Pay Attention to what was said and a warning to “not drift away.”

In Hebrews chapter 2 we are told that punishment came quickly for disobedience to messages God delivered through angels. How much more can we expect to be disciplined when we do not listen to the message given by and through the Son of God? We are now in a different stratosphere. When angels are compared to Jesus there is no contest. They are in different worlds. Jesus is better by far. THEREFORE we are to certainly pay attention to Him.

The warning is two-fold regarding the law and later to Jesus.

  1. Just punishment was given to those who knew the law, given by angels, and broke it.
  2. Just punishment is and will be rendered to those who ignore or avoid salvation given by Jesus who is much superior to angels. And His message is confirmed by God (verse 4).

The second topic addressed is a warning to not drift from Jesus who is the true message of salvation (verse 3).Hebrews Chapter 2

To drift away from our Savior is all too easy. To drift from Jesus doesn’t make sense when He is the source of eternal life and joy and countless other blessing, but . . .  we do. When we take charge and do our own thing rather than surrender to Him we begin to drift; meaning “to flow by”. Self-interests abound and are powerful. We are often like a boat drifting dangerously beyond our safe mooring. We must cling ferociously to the truth as Satan is a crafty distractor.

The third point made in these early verses is one of encouragement. God acted in many ways to draw men to Himself (verse 4).

How then are we to live? What is the life lesson of Hebrews chapter 2?

We are given the foundational items in Hebrews chapter 1. These are masterfully outlined in Hebrews chapter 2 verses 1-4 as follow:

  • And since He is greater than angels and all creation.
  • Since Jesus is the great salvation.
  • And since God verified who Jesus is and His God given message.


  • Pay attention to the salvation message from the Son of God, Jesus.
  • Do not drift away from Jesus.
  • A full life happens when we respond to God’s message through the good news of Jesus.

Hebrews Chapter 2 verses 5-13

Chapter 1 tells of Jesus’ superiority over angels. Hebrews chapter 2 verses 5-13 presents an argument for His superiority as and over man.


Hebrews Chapter 2Other suggested reading:

  • Miracles and signs God gave to verify Jesus and His message: John 6: 1-14, John 6: 25-59 and John 11: 1-44.
  • Galatians 3:19-24  to see God’s commandments in both Old and New Testaments

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