Feb 14 2014
Make Money With Hungry Howie’s Pizza Franchise — Review

Hungry Howie’s has consistently ranked among the top 10 Pizza franchises in the United States. Their flavored crust idea has been a hit with Pizza lovers. Apart from delicious pizza, they also serve mouth-watering breads, baked subs & salads.

 Thinking of starting a Hungry Howie’s pizza franchise?

Hungry Howie's Pizza Franchise Review-5This was back in 1973, almost 40 years ago, when James Hearn decided to transform his 1000 foot hamburger store into a take out and home delivery pizzeria, called Hungry Howie’s. Since this modest opening in, Taylor, Michigan, Hungry Howie’s has expanded to more than 600 locations throughout the United States. The franchising actually started 10 years later (1983) and the headquarters moved to Madison, Michigan.

Steven Jackson, the current president was hired to deliver Pizza in 1976.  Steven and Hearn partnered to open a second Hungry Howie’s unit in Southgate Michigan. They both conferred the first Hungry Howie’s franchise in Auburn, Michigan.

The Hungry Howie’s franchise offers flavored crust in 8-10 varieties, oven based subs, buffalo wings (chicken), several different kinds of bread and salads as well. For several years they worked on growing at a steady pace. However, with all the infrastructure and know how in place, they are aiming to grow aggressively and are looking for qualified candidates.

Main advantages of owning a Hungry Howie’s pizza franchise

  1.  Pizza is the food of choice for many people in this country. According to Pizza survey done by several magazines and associations such as the PMQ magazine and American dairy association, following interesting facts were found.
    1. Pizza is the 4th most craved food in the United States. A person with average appetite eats around 46 slices of pizza every year.
    2. Approximately, 350 slices of Pizza are eaten every second.
    3. A little over 3 billion pizza is sold annually.
    4. As much as $36 billion accounts for pizza sales every year.
  2. Hungry Howie’s makes really delicious pizza. With hundreds of restaurants and food outlets offering pizza, you need to stand out in order to make good money from your business. Hungry Howie’s pizza clearly holds the edge.  Their famous crust beats the competition. Sumptuous seasonings and spices are stewed all around and into the edge of their pizza, making the last bite as tasty and filling as the first one.
  3. As a Hungry Howie franchisee you will have more to offer than just pizza. Their side dishes such as delicately baked subs, chicken, four variety of breads and salads are also popular. Several satisfied customers have cited the side orders along with the flavored crust pizza during survey.
  4. You not only have a solid and popular food product to sell but also have the vast experience of the franchise central team behind you. With the Hungry Howie’s central team behind you, you will never feel alone. Their outstanding training and support programs will be their to guide you from time to time.
  5. Many large franchises allow limited control over territories. Hungry Howie’s, on the other hand, allows multiple unit owners to acquire complete territories. This can help you be more strongly positioned in your business.
  6. Hungry Howie’s supports our veterans. It offers honorable veterans, a good $12,500 off of the initial franchise fee.

Hungry Howie’s franchise: An appetizing business to own

Hungry Howie's Franchise

Hungry Howie’s Franchise

For several decades Hungry Howie’s central team was more focused on careful expansion – steady but safe. Now, that most of their framework is in place, they are gearing up for aggressive expansion. This means they are looking for experienced candidates who are determined to succeed. Their main purpose is to provide diverse people from across the country to have a fresh & intimate pizza experience.

Hungry Howie’s encourages it’s partners to be successful in their business without compromising their integrity. Their goal is to help the franchisees to make it big – both in life and in business!

Their support is available at every step of your business. Hungry Howie’s central team will help you with site selection, negotiating the lease,  construction guidance and grand opening support. They also  help with personalized marketing plans suited to your goals.

The corporate training program is thorough and must be completed to the

franchsor’s standard and satisfaction. This 4 week training program is  carried out 8 times a year. It includes classroom training at the Hungry Howie’s headquarters in Michigan. The on the job training is carried out at franchisee restaurants in cosmopolitan Detroit. The new franchisee must also pass a written exam at the end of the training program. This exam, supervised by the franchisor tests the knowledge gained during the training. Franchisee also needs to attend ongoing seminars, incremental training programs etc. during the tenure of the franchise agreement.

 Skill set needed to start a Hungry Howie’s franchise

  1. Potential franchisees need to have a strong inclination towards pizza business. Love for Hungry Howie’s flavored crust pizza is a plus.
  2. A previous experience of operating a franchise or a restaurant is a plus but is not required.
  3.  Franchisee must be living in the United States. Hungry Howie’s does not currently offer international partnerships.
  4. Franchise owner must be directly involved in the operation of their restaurant or pizza outlet. In case of the franchisee being absent from the joint, a stand-by, well trained manager must drive the operations. This manager must be trained under the franchisee’s direct supervision. This manager cannot have a business liaison with Hungry Howie’s competitors. Additionally, this manager must not be employed by another Hungry Howie franchise at the time of hire.
  5. If the franchise is a group holding, then only individuals with 15% or more ownership are allowed to run the operation.
  6. General people skills, such as being courteous and cheerful will go a long way in helping build your pizza business. Survey shows that a good product backed by a cheerful management helps build return customers faster.

Fees and start up cost for the franchise

  1. Total Investment:  $175,000 – $350,000 (non traditional / traditional)
  2. Franchise Fee:  $20,000 (+$15,000 for additional units)
  3. Advertising Fee:  3% of net sales
  4. Royalty Fee:  6% of net sales (ongoing)
  5. Term of Franchise Agreement:  10 years, renewable
  6. Size Of Unit:  12,000 – 15,000 sq foot
  7. Net Worth:  $250,000 (asset – liabilities)
  8. Liquid Asset:  $80,000

There are no direct or indirect financing available from Hungry Howie’s or any of it’s affiliates. Guarantees are not provided for obligations, notes or lease. A good credit outlook and enough liquid assets can help clinch the deal.

For traditional units, franchisor can help determine the general area. This could be a city or an area within a city or a town. The franchisee can then pick a suitable location within that region. The franchisor will help respect the territory by not allowing another traditional franchise to open with a mile of this area also known as an exclusive territory. It must be noted though that there are absolutely no restrictions for any traditional or non-traditional franchisee to accept and deliver orders to customers in an exclusive territory.

Final Thoughts?

Hungry Howie’s has a solid community involvement record. Businesses that aid community development are inclined to build a good rapport with people and this will only help them grow further.

They do need to expand more on the western side as well. They have few units in California and Nevada. International growth may also be a good idea as pizza is now very popular all over the world. Many eastern countries will love to have flavored crust pizza available to their denizens. Hungry Howie’s  can expand faster by providing a better financial support for new franchisees. The cost of starting seems to be on the higher side.

Overall, the Hungry Howie’s pizza franchise seems to be a great business idea, especially if you are a pizza lover. Their flavored crust idea is like a ready made success recipe. Although several pizza chains have borrowed from this idea, no one has reached the degree of success that Hungry Howie’s has.

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