May 14 2014
The ICANetwork/ FreeQRCodes Moble Apps search engine placement/ review

The ICANetwork                                                                                                               ICANetwork claims that 50% of people use Smart Phones to access the internet. ICANetwork also has moble apps and gives free QR Codes and a chance to win a monthly IPAD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ICANetwork has a mobile application that you can have 3 urls that you promote and write what the products or services are all about and all get listed on search .The mobile app cost is small bout $38.00 per month. App has the ability to get all your contact on it and you can send alert messages to them. Free text message service included.                  QRcodes  Free QR Codes with a chance to win a free IPOD monthly  
VerticalRising has the ability to get 50% of users on the internet. The way I see it if you had both products working together the ability to reach out to more think this might be a good fit for any business.                                                                                                              

About Marvin Berman

My story started in Millionaire Operating System that took my leads closed sales. The company went through changes and when it was done I could not continue as the business cost was to large. I am also m2 member in wealth masters.Wes Barlow gave me a call looking for someone else I got to talk with him and he told me about Vertical Legarcy. My First impression was that this is what I need to move forward in my business journey. Vertical Vegarcy is what M.O.S. didn't have great platform and the training for everyone to really move forward if action applied

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