Jul 14 2014
Importance of STEM Education

The importance of STEM education is growing and looks like growth will continue for the long haul. Why? Because STEM covers so much of what the entire world needs. Think of how huge Science is in itself. Add to Science the fields of Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and you cover a great deal of territory.

importance of STEM education

This may beg the question: What is STEM Education? Perhaps over simplified, STEM education takes the four disciplines as mentioned above and teaches how they are connected with one another. Each discipline interacts with one or more of the other fields.

Think of the engineering of a skyscraper and how the other STEM areas are also at work. Each has a part in the total project. Seeing how each plays their part and interacts with the others speaks to STEM education. The importance of STEM education has been growing as has the demand for STEM graduates.

Why is STEM Education Important?

The importance of STEM education is far reaching. Jobs is one of the main reasons for the importance of STEM education. Studies show that jobs in STEM fields are in bigger demand every year. The fastest growing jobs over a ten year period ending in 2020 wilimportance of STEM education l be in STEM fields. In fact 7 out of 10 jobs are projected to be STEM oriented.

The growth for STEM jobs is predicted to double by 2020 over that of the demand between 2000 and 2010. Demand is expected to grow by 17% between 2010–2020.

One study indicates that by 2020 there will be a demand in the US alone for over 120 million STEM skilled workers. However, it is projected that their will only be about 50 million who will be STEM qualified for those jobs. Currently there are more STEM job openings than there are STEM qualified workers. This certainly points to the importance of STEM education.

STEM jobs also pay more so the education is worth the effort. Of the highest paying career jobs 64% are STEM oriented. And … STEM prepared employees earn more than 25% of what their non-STEM peers earn. The importance of STEM education becomes clear rather quickly. The trend is strong and getting stronger every day as demand continues to grow for STEM educated workers and professionals.

The Importance of STEM Education Needs a Solution!

importance of STEM education The importance of STEM education points to the need for more STEM qualified workers. That points to the need for STEM education. The largest areas demanding STEM educated personnel are in the healthcare field and in the computing industry. Many other industries are also in short supply of STEM qualified employees. This is predicted to be the case well into and beyond 2020.

Minorities and women are currently on the short end when it comes to STEM education. In other works they make up the lowest percentage employed in STEM fields. The solution for them, and all others is the same. In one word it is education. Beyond that the time to begin that education may be a surprise.

Many states have directives for STEM education. That may or may not be connected with the CORE curriculum. In our view the CORE curriculum spells disaster. That however is a subject for another day. There may be a local school with a dynamite STEM program. If so get your child enrolled ASAP!

The importance of STEM education calls for STEM education now! For children age 3 and over STEM education is a must. That is the surprise. Children need STEMimportance of STEM education education beginning as early as possible. And, if possible, beginning at age 3 or 4. This is critical.

One reason more women are not STEM educated is that they are not introduced to these subjects early enough. I’m not sure what the minorities’ reasons are for low STEM involvement. But, by the time girls see STEM disciplines they view them as “for men only”. However, when they are introduced to STEM subjects between ages 4 – 8 they are as excited as are the boys and just as good at it if not better.

The Importance of STEM Education - Franchise Programs may be THE Solution!

Franchises are the Key to getting a step ahead of the reasons for the importance of STEM education. That is, enroll in a STEM education oriented program offered by a franchise such as Engineering For Kids or with the Professor Egghead Science Academy or Bricks 4 Kids. There are a number of these franchises that enroll kids as early as 3 or 4 years old. Find one in your area. For a list of STEM oriented franchise programs see the article: What is STEM Education?

importance of STEM education One more reason for importance of STEM education early, if I may. Most students are not ready for any college STEM curriculum when they finish High School. They are not interested in the subject matter and therefore certainly not interested in the study required. The solution again is early STEM experiences.

Imagine what kids love to do. Most love to build and tear down. They love to build a fort or a tree house if possible. Boys and girls at the young ages both love these things. Get them involved with rockets and roller-coasters and science experiments and they love it! Do it at home on your own or find one of the franchise programs for a long term experience and they will get STEM excited that may term into a lifelong career.


What could of the importance STEM education be for your family?


importance of STEM education


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