Sep 24 2014
Jesus The Man! Why a man? Video

JESUS . . . Fully God! . . . Fully Man!

Why Jesus the man, why one of us . . .  a mere man? Since the children of God are humans Jesus had to take on human attributes in order to redeem us and forgive our sin. It’s difficult to imagine how Jesus could give up His position with God in heaven and become one of us. But unlike our sometimes selfish streak Jesus wanted to serve His Father and do His will.

Verse 17 holds a key word to these few verses of Hebrews 2: 14-18. The word around which these verses are built is . . .  “therefore”. Leading up to verse 17 we have the following concepts:

Verse 14

  • Since the human condition is limited by our flesh and blood.
  • And since the necessary sacrifice to pay for our sin must be a human, a perfect sinless human, Jesus the man!
  • And since God was the only one who could provide that sacrifice.
  • God sent His Son. He sent God with skin, flesh and blood. He sent Jesus the man.
  • Jesus, fully man, fully God, was the only one who could defeat the “one holding power over death”, Satan.

Verse 15

  • And since the sacrificial death of Jesus the man on the cross could free those who were in bondage from their fear of death. His death frees those who appropriate Him.

Verse 16Jesus the man

  • And since Jesus the man does not reach out to help the angels.
  • But He does reach out to help Adam’s race, humans.


Verse 17

  • Jesus had to be fully human in order to pay the required debt of sin and redeem man.
  • He had to be in all things like man himself to take the place of man.
  • Jesus the man was essential who knew hunger, temptation, pain and suffering exactly like any other human.
  • In every way Jesus must have the very nature of man to redeem the nature of man.
  • All of the above were necessary to make Jesus our merciful, perfect High Priest and
  • to make the necessary sacrifice for the sins of people.

Why Jesus The Man? To provide these Four Blessings from Jesus’ humanity and sacrifice!

1.   Destruction of Satan. (verse 14)   On the cross Jesus the man destroyed thepower Satan had over us.

2.   Freedom from the fear of death. (verse 15)   Jesus freed us from the fear of death. In Him we have eternal life!Jesus the man

3.   Forgiveness of sin. (verse 16) Jesus the man who was also fully God gives aid to Abraham’s seed, to us. As our High Priest He has the power to forgive sin. Sin is expiated from our life. That is to say our sin is atoned for, reconciled, to make amends and God is appeased for all our wrong doing. Our sin has been purged by the sacrifice of Jesus.

4.   Help with temptations and suffering. (verse 18) Because Jesus the man was tempted and suffered He can now help us endure suffering. Because Jesus the man has been through everything we will face He can help us through any and all temptation and suffering we face.

QUESTION: Why Jesus The Man? How are we to respond?

I find it interesting that Jesus the man was made lower than the angels, Hebrews 2:7. Jesus the manWe see that by Jesus subjecting Himself to be born of a virgin He was therefore subject to things angels do not experience but humans do. He had his dirty diapers changed just like we did. He was exposed to feelings, temptation and experienced pain and He suffered. This was the only way Jesus could overcome sin as well as death . . . in our place. He died on the cross for our sin . . . but . . . Three days later . . . He Arose the Victor over death!

Why Jesus the man?

With all we see here, as to who Jesus is, we are warned to pay attention to Jesus the message. (Hebrews 2: 1). Jesus, fully God, took on a human nature to be our Savior and High Priest! Jesus is like no other. Jesus is unique!


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