Sep 11 2014
JESUS Revealed in Hebrews Chapter 1 video

21 Statements of Who Jesus Is !

Have you ever wanted to see a list showing who Jesus is? Here’s one all compiled from Hebrews chapter 1 alone. Included are 7 statements from the Old Testament.

Jesus is revealed in a masterful manner in Hebrews chapter 1. His qualifications are laid out in this chapter in a fashion like no other. Here we will simply lay out His powerful credentials as listed here. You can then decide on what to do with this amazing truth.

Jesus, Hebrews Chapter 1

Verse 2

  • God now speaks to us in a direct manner, through His Son. No more prophets.
  • Jesus is the final revelation to man on earth, there is none other. Jesus is not only God’s spokesman, He is God.
  • God appointed His Son His heir of all things. He is the heir of the universe and will one day rule over it completely.
  • God, through Jesus made, created, the universe the worlds. Every created thing was made by Jesus.

Verse 3

  • Jesus is the radiance, or the brightness of the glory of God. He is a perfect mirror image of God the Father.
  • The Son of God is the exact imprint or expression of the nature of God the Father. In every imaginable way Jesus is not only like God Jesus is God.
  • Jesus holds up, or sustains, the universe by His most powerful word or simply by His spoken word. This is how matter and molecules are held together.
  • This is most amazing! Only He purged our sin, by His sacrifice. His death on the cross pays the necessary price for our sin.
  • Jesus took His most honored place and sat down alongside of God, “at the right hand of the majesty God in heaven.”

Verse 4

  • Jesus is much better, a higher rank, than the angels.Jesus Revealed in Hebrews 1 video

Verse 5

  • God said of Jesus, “You are my Son, today I have begotten You, or become Your Father.”
  • And, God said, “I will be His Father, and He will be My Son.

Verse 6

  • Jesus is the first born – before the world was.
  • God says to the angels, “Let all God’s angels worship Him,” or, “All God’s angels must worship Him.”

Verse 8

  • God speaking of His Son says, “Your throne, O God is forever and ever, …”

Verse 9

  • Because Jesus loved righteousness God anointed Him with the oil of gladness, or joy, more than any other. This was the privilege of a King.

Jesus Revealed in Hebrews 1 videoVerse 10

  • Jesus, here referred to as Jehovah, was responsible for laying the foundation of the earth and also the stars and heavenly bodies in the heavens. He was present from the very beginnings of the earth, and before.

Verses 11, 12

  • Others will perish, the earth and the sky, but Jesus will remain.
  • Your years, the years or time of Jesus, will never end.

Verse 13

  • God said, “Sit at my right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.” He wins! He sits at the right hand of God.
  • And, His enemies submit.


Now, what are we going to do with this amazing truth of who Jesus is? In Hebrews chapter 2 we have the first lesson from this book to living life. At best a list is no more than interesting until it is appropriated in ones life. For an understanding to that lesson see Hebrews Chapter 2 video and article.

Jesus Revealed in Hebrews 1 video

For more of who this fully man fully God is review John 5: 31-47. There Jesus makes a number of claims that match what we see here in Hebrews.


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