May 8 2014
Juvio Products And Business Review

Juvio, not to be confused with Juvo Products or, is another health beverage/supplement company that sells various products to increase health and longevity. To add validity to its name, Juvio has partnered with affiliate Mach90 for tech support and marketing. If you find one, you will find the other in the viral world.

Juvio’s mantra is “solutions for life.”

Its main product, Rejuvionate, includes a blend of 78 different ingredients to improve energy, anti-aging, regeneration, life support, and overall body function. What do these 78 ingredients include? Well, that is an interesting question. I tried to go through the company website, and nothing happens. You just sit, looking at the screen, copying the image. Red flag.

juvio-logoAgain, you can read about various testimonials online of how people feel like their health improved and what not, but I’m not so convinced. Any time, we see a product like this I think we should be careful. Just because someone from California or wherever testifies that it worked for them, does not mean it’s for everyone. Just like the other health and wellness companies out there in this market, they exist to make money. If you follow this opportunity, proceed with caution.

A personal networking blog says that Juvio offers more. It appears that the links on the Juvio website would not take you to Mach90, if they worked, because Juvio has its own technical support, as a sold service, to computer users around the world. This would be interesting in the direct marketing realm. Not sure how that would work with an mlm compensation plan.

Also, this same network marketing blog shows that Juvio sells Education Training System tutorial CDs, Juve line of personal care products, and the Rejuvionate, already mentioned. Last, a fifth product was started with Natura Select nutritional supplements, and sixth, we find Peach Collection jewelry.

Now, the last several make entire sense to me for a mlm-compensation plan-based company. We see those all over the direct marketing industry. However, it doesn’t make sense that I had to work so hard to find information on this company and its products, and then, I didn’t even find it from the company.

Juvio Review of Products: Are we seeing more red flags?

Juvio-productsFurthermore, most information out there on Juvio dates back several years. Nothing current was to be found. With the website inactive, and various other spellings of Juvio, (i.e. Juvo and Juveo), I would say this one was probably deemed scam early on. Yet another website said Juvio offered the grid plan of a 3×10. I think that says it all right there.

If you are looking to get into the mlm industry, stick with a legitimate and established direct marketing company. These are the Pampered Chefs, Avon, Primerica, Nikken, Mary Kay, and others of that caliber. And a great way to check out the legitimacy of an opportunity is somewhat with their web information. This is the Internet day and age. If this company claims to pay out crazy sums of money, but cannot afford to make a decent and up-to-date, high-functioning website, it’s probably not so legit. If all of the information out there is several years old, I would stop researching and go no further.


"Bad Business Plan"

Good Tech Bad Health


+ If your looking for tech


- Not a great business plan
- Many better alternatives

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