Jun 3 2014
Legitimate Home Business Opportunities: Areas to Research

To find legitimate home business opportunities key areas need to be researched.  Once you have determined your areas of interest and your business goals you will want to verify the legitimacy of the business opportunities you are considering.  This article will help you learn what areas to research to produce legitimate home business opportunities.

Research The Physical Address…

… To Verify The Legitimacy Of Your Home Business Opportunity .  With the plethora of money making systems that proliferate the internet it is appalling how few of these businesses have an actual physical address. Legitimate home business opportunities proudly display their physical address, their email address and their support phone numbers.

They welcome contact. You should never feel squeamish or reluctant to contact them. You should feel free to send them emails and make phone calls to them whenever you have a question or concern. You can learn a lot from the length of time they take to respond and from the content within their returned emails. If a company will not share their address with yoLegitimate location for home business.pngu they probably are not legitimate and you should look elsewhere. If a company only has a Post Office Box address this should also raise a red flag.

Your job is to establish a connection with them and whenever possible establish a personal relationship with someone in the company because this will add legitimacy and will prove helpful if you decide to become a part of their organization.

Research How Long Has The Home Business Opportunity Existed?

Always find out how long the company has been around. Researchers have observed that most scams and schemes that have taken advantage of people have not made it to the five year mark. You really need to verify the track records of companies before you invest your time and money into them. Utilizing the five year rule will eliminate almost all the business opportunity scams that are out there.

Research and Do An Exhaustive Review The Company Website

Looking at the company website is another way to spot a potential scam.  A legitimate website will provide detailed information about the company’s founders, products and services. That detail will also include information about how the company functions,   home business website.png  exactly what and how they market and what you will need to do to be successful.

Should you come across a colorful website that is flashy but sparse on informative content or the content leaves you confused and not really knowing what you are to do, it is likely that you are looking at a scam website. This is especially true if the website indicates you need no experience and will make money on autopilot. I know of no business where that is true right out of the gate.

Every business requires an initial set up, plan of action and effort applied to your plan of action for money to be generated. Legitimate companies cover all those areas in the content on their site and do so in a transparent way. Scam sites are meant to confuse, dress things up and stir up excitement within you. There major focus is on the sales page.

Things Legitimate Home Business Opportunities Will Gladly Provide:

  • References Any legitimate business will be able to provide you with a set of references. Typically the individuals they provide to you are ones that have endorsed the company and have achieved a good measure of success. Ask the company to give you a list of 6-8 members at various levels of success along with their phone numbers and email addresses.

Contact them in either format, better still, in both formats, asking them about: their experience with the company, what has led to their success and how helpful was the leadership in assisting them to achieve their business goals. Ask them if they are aware of any internal problems that hamper or compromise their success and ask if they would make the same decision to join the company if they were starting over.

This research is  both general and invasive but the responses  give you an inside view of how the company functions, how success is achieved and how supportive the leaders and membership are of each other. Companies that will not provide you with any references are companies I would be leery of.

  • Adequate Support Starting any new business is difficult regardless of the type of business. Every new entrepreneur should inquire about the support that will be available to them especially in the start-up phase. Another fair question is whether a mentoring, coaching or training program is available.

Having these features available lends credibility to the business and also ensures that you get your money’s worth. Scam businesses by and large do not provide support services, in fact, most of the time you never hear from them again after they get a hold your money.

This Research is Vital To YOUR Success…

  • The Company’s Track Record

cartoon picture with a business graph pngThe longer a company has been in existence the better it is for you as the researcher to get detailed information of product sales over time.

Any legitimate company will have a proven track record and will gladly share that information with you. You want to know that their products are real, are in high demand and are not impacted by a recession or any other variables.

Read The Disclaimer Carefully

Realistically every disclaimer should include language that states that your success depends on the effort you apply-and that is a given reality. Most attorneys say the proof is in the small details. Carry out a thorough investigation of the Disclaimer of any online money making system. Compare it to the sales page and see if anything looks suspicious.

Does the sales page provide a money back guarantee and then state the opposite on the Disclaimer? An ethical business would never put suspicious information, contradictory or double speak language in a disclaimer. Those that do are likely scams or engaging in fraud.

Final Areas To Research Include:

Online Business Forums, Google And The BBB To complete your homework make sure you make use of online business forums that are readily available on the internet. You can find many such sites by typing phrases like “work at home job forum,” “list of legitimate home business forums” and “work at home job community” (and many others) into any of the major the search engines.

Read and study the information that is shared about the company you are researching and see what others are saying about the legitimacy of the company and the experiences that individuals have had with the company. If a scam has been identified that information is usually shared within the forum and you can also turn to sites like Rip Off for more detailed information. If you still have unanswered questions feel free to join some of these forums, pose your question and someone within the membership is likely to respond to your inquiry.

Don’t forget about making use of Google too. Type the company’s name into the search area of Google or the search area of any other reliable top internet search engine and then add the word “review” and you will have access to all the information that has been written about the company in articles, blogs and reviews. Carefully inspect the site you are searching and pay attention to all the review articles. This will add another dimension to your research efforts.

Finally, don’t forget to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Never join a BBB plack. pngbusiness opportunity unless it has a good standing with the BBB. The BBB was established to encourage trust between buyers and sellers.

Their mission is to create standards for the business community and supporting businesses which follow. They stand for honesty, commitment and accountability and active members promise to adhere to and practice those principles.

Scam artists love to prey on people who are looking for a legitimate business and it behooves you to protect yourself by reviewing the free information the BBB provides.

It is best to become involved with a BBB member and question businesses that are not. Think of the BBB as your friend and look for their icon which will insure confidence and trust when looking for a business opportunity. Do your due diligence and look at any and all complaints that may have been registered against a company and try to identify if a pattern has emerged and see what type of resolution was arrived at. Armed with that information you have another layer of protection and means to judge the legitimacy of a business.


It is possible to identify the fatal flaws of scams and to check the legitimacy of a home business opportunity by doing your due diligence and not jumping into things that come your way. Do a quality review by analyzing the research areas noted above in this article and take your time to do a complete investigation.

Using the results of the research areas you will be able to quickly separate scan businesses from legitimate ones; you will get your business off on the right foot and be saved from embarrassment and financial hardship. After all it is your hard earned money that is at risk and you control the risk by doing your homework.

When all is said and done you will want to be aware of SCAMS too. This is a great article that has lots of awesome ideas of how to stay clear of the SCAMMERS! Check it out here!



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