Aug 15 2014
Live Your Dreams They Are All You’ve Got!

Are you committed to the idea that you can live your dreams? If so, what have you done today to live them? What did you do yesterday? Living out your dreams is not a sometimes thing, it’s an everyday thing. Most people say that they want their dreams to come true, yet they do so little to bring them to fruition.

Live Your Dreams by Les BrownOne of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over time is that not only does it take daily effort, but it’s a full commitment. If you have never ready the book, Live Your Dreams by Les Brown, then you should. In the book, he so poignantly talks about his friend Marion that died and how her dreams went with her.

Her husband had asked Les to help go through her things and organize them once she passed, and it was the hardest thing that Les ever had to do. He said it was the uncompleted projects, goals, dreams, and aspirations that were so sad. It was still a moment of realization for Les although he had learned to not delay his dreams. Will it take a death for you to realize this too?

How You Can Easily Live Your Dreams

Did you grow up believing that you have limitations in life? Did you grow up with super supportive parents? If you grew up believing you had limitations because of where you are from or who your parents are, regardless of what you have been told, you don’t have any limitations. In fact, if you do, they are only the limitations you put on yourself and nothing more.

There are many things you can do to change the way you live, and things you can do to help you live your dreams, including:

  • Focus on doing the things you love
  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Review your goals everyday
  • Look at life with a sense of urgency
  • Develop courage
  • Operate at a higher level than you are used to
  • Develop conviction that you can accomplish anything you desire
  • Read good books and learn from successful people

These are easy steps you can take daily to keep yourself uplifted and inspired. It’s easier than you think to be inspired and encouraged to live the life you want. It may not always be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever really easy.

Live Your Dreams Everyday

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with a plan in place? I am talking about a plan to succeed and encourage others to go with you. I am talking about a plan to make great change in your life, and to accomplish things that others have not been able to accomplish.

Have you sat down and really decided that it’s time for you to live a new or different life? You’ll have to do something different; otherwise you’ll get what you have always gotten if you don’t. Start today to implement some of the items listed above, and commit to living your dreams. Dream big, bring inspiration into your life, and live your dreams each and every day!

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