May 13 2014
How Mick Foley Changed My Business

I sometimes have a hard time waking up in the morning and motivating myself to not only put in a hard days work, but to go above and beyond my definition of hard work.  When I was in high school me and a couple buddies (Adam, Steven, Brandon, Cliff and Woody) purchased a pay per view WWE aka WWF Wrestling event.  I know, what you are going to say… Wrestling isn’t real, it’s staged ect…  But that is what makes this sooo impressive.  When I start to struggle getting through the day…

I remember MICK FOLEY aka “Mankind”  


Entertainment that some may laugh at, others think is a joke and for some people a simple way to pass time waiting for Monday Night football game.

I remember MICK FOLEY…  

One man sacrificing his body, livelihood and health for the simple reason to entertain people and help them escape the hardships of life for a brief moment.

Some people think I am a little weird because my inspirations come from such a wide range of different people. (Jesus, The Bible, George Washington, MLK and an Old Theatre teacher).

YES… Mick Foley is one of my inspirations

What Mick Foley taught me in this single match is that know matter how hard I work to build my business, spending late nights in the office or dealing with competitors making cheap shots at my company, as long as I am doing it for the people… the sacrifice is worth it.

In a time of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and other wrestling greats, people forget about old Mick…  well I haven’t.  I try to watch this match at least once a year to remember how much Mick sacrificed for our entertainment and how I should not get down on myself or my business when things get a little uncomfortable.

Because nothing can be more uncomfortable than Hell In A Cell 1998.

Note:  If you have read Mick Foley book “Have a nice day”… When the stretcher is pulled out during the match he was really hurt and had internal bleeding… this was not for show.

Also when the cage breaks and he falls over 20 feet to the ring, it was not planned and he suffered a major concussion but continued when most people would have quit.

Mick’s pain, toughness and sacrifice to HELP PEOPLE escape reality for a few moments.

Have YOU given at least 10% of Mick dedication to your customers?

Mick Foley “HELL IN A CELL” 1998

Interview with his opponent undertaker

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