Aug 5 2014
I Moved Your Cheese Book Review: by Deepak Malhotra

Book Title:  I Moved Your Cheese

Genre:  Business, Entrepreneurship

I Moved Your CheeseThis I Moved Your Cheese Book Review is about mice when they are in a maze and they seem content because their needs are being met. They have plenty of cheese to eat. Though one mouse, Max, has been questioning this existence since he was born. He is considered a trouble maker and an annoyance.  But one day something happens to shake their world – the cheese is moved.  What to do, what to do?

In this fast, readable fable three mice, Max, Big and Zed, refuse to accept the reality they have been given.  As we watch their lives unfold we begin to discover that like the mice we have to reconfigure the maze to suit our needs or escape it altogether.  To have success in all areas of our lives, whether business or personal growth, we need to play by a different set of rules – our own rules.

As Zed says, “You see, Max, the problem is not the mouse in the maze, but that the maze is in the mouse.”

In the face of the expectations of others or their demands, our ability to control our destiny is often underestimated. We can break out of the constraints we have been given but first we need to overcome the deeply ingrained notion that we are only mice in a maze.

Malhorta’s short, insightful book challenges our assumptions about business, life and change. He wants us to be aware that there is a freedom from what binds our illusionary existence. We are to remember what it means to be an individual and full of life – to be adventurous, curious, and happy and most of all don’t accept the status quo because you are told to.

“What happens in the maze is beyond your control.  What you can control is your reaction.” Deepak Malhotra

By changing the game, the maze, we will be able to create the realities and circumstances Mouse Eating Cheesefor ourselves we want and need. To make a lasting change for the better, we need to understand how we are holding ourselves back and not just change ourselves and our behavior. From early childhood we are conditioned by society to go with the flow or norm and not to question why we would be looking for the cheese in the first place.

Each reader will interpret how this fable will be beneficial and what they will draw from it.  It is obvious the maze is the corporate world and the mice are the workers, so why not just accept the world of work as it is?  This book makes one question the way things are, encourages one to begin the thought process and define one’s own existence.

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