Feb 22 2014
NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange

The NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange

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…is an online game of skill, designed with new features that the developers say will take the concept of Stock Market Games to unprecedented heights and invite participants to “enjoy the new experience.”

NASGO is truly unique because of the multiple factors bringing liquidity to this virtual stock market. Liquidity is the single most important factor in any market place for prices to increase. The synergy between the Wenyard network marketing program with its real time bonus system and the way this is linked to the NASGO stock market game creates instant liquidity as part of the bonus is paid to a Mandatory Account where funds must be used in the game.
The strong marketing power from thousands of active players being rewarded to create interest and activity in the NASGO game of skill is a strong reason why NASGO has potential for growth beyond most other online games or virtual financial possibilities.

NASGO Stock Trading
As a part of registration in Wenyard, members receive WFO (Wenyard Future Options). The amount of WFOs depend on which package the member has purchased. These WFOs can be used to purchase stock from any NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange listed company or from the NIF (Nasgo Index Fund).
From the real time Wenyard bonus payment, 30% of the bonus is placed in the member’s Mandatory Account. The member may purchase any stock listed on NASGO or parts in NIF using funds from the Mandatory Account.
If the member has not made such purchase within 7 days from the time the funds were deposited into the Mandatory Account, the game will automatically purchase NIF parts for the money.
All purchases made by WFOs or from the Mandatory Account are escrowed for 30 days. Members can use Account Balance to purchase stock from any listed company on NASGO. Stock purchased from Account Balance can be freely traded and is not subject to any escrow systems.

NASGO Index Fund (NIF)
The NASGO Index Fund (NIF) invests in stock in the NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange listed companies. The investment portfolio seeks to mirror the combined performance of the listed companies.
NIF monitors the changes in value and volume in each of the listed companies and makes decisions on an hourly basis on the selling and buying of stock in order to reflect the overall performance.

The price for a part of NIF will be based on the Index. The Index started at 100 when the game opened and will be adjusted hourly based on the NASGO Index Fund performance.
There is a 2% per month maintenance fee for NIF accounts.

Nasgo Virtual Stock Exchange Access – Click Here

NASGO Selling and Buying List
For each company there will be a list of the selling bids and the buying bids. For those who wish to buy stock, they can choose to buy from the selling list or they can enter a buying bid to the buying list. For those who wish to sell stock they can choose to sell by accepting a bid on the buying list or they can enter a selling bid on the selling list. All completed sell orders are subject to a 4% fee.

NASGO Stock Weighing
NASGO stock will be subject to a weighing process based on input from several parameters in the real financial world as well as information given in newsletters about fictional corporate developments.

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NASGO Virtual Stock Exchange is a fundamentally new concept game of skill that creates a virtual world where real world, real time input affects the virtual actions. Although Nasgo and the companies listed on NASGO are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a fantastic blend of real events and fiction. Every company will report to the stock market about their activities and plans. At the same time, the stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events. The players (members) follow these events to see how they affect the game and will then have the opportunity to optimize their winnings or cut their losses.
For the less sophisticated players on NASGO, simpler structures are available. In these, there is not the same need to follow the signals as closely (as if you really play to optimize profit as a “day trader”).

Wenyard’s instant bonus system increases the momentum of the stock trading and helps in feeding constant liquidity into the gaming platform. This is where the real word and the virtual world of NASGO really become different realities.

NASGO Trading Platform Technical Specification
• Cloud based: 8 separate geographical locations.
• 8 x HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers with PCIe SSD Raid and 256Gb ram each.
• Backup system: WD Ultrastar He6 6TB raids connected via fiber channel.
• Custom built Ultra secure linux distro with military grade encryption on all connections and the filesystem.
• Custom built load balancing, Ddos prevention and replication system.
• Backend trading systems built in C++ with some time critical parts in super fast x64 assembler.
• Real time replicating database system.
• Web front end built using the latest technologies and best security practices.

NASGO Gaming Rules
• Players can choose to buy stock in one or more of the companies listed on NASGO or they can choose to buy parts of the NASGO Index Fund.
• Stock or Index fund parts can only be purchased with funds from Wenyard WFOs, Wenyard Mandatory Account or Wenyard Account. All purchases made from Mandatory Account are escrowed for 30 days.
• Trades can only be processed if there are sufficient funds in the selected account.
• The stock market simulation game is run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Play the Game
NASGO is a virtual stock market game of skill where players can buy and sell shares in virtual companies. Using the information and intelligence provided in press releases and weekly NASGO newsletters you must analyze the market and buy/sell shares to create winning portfolios.

How to Buy Shares:
1. Click on Companies and go to the company you want to buy shares in.
2. Go to Trade [company name] w- shares , select how many w- shares you want to buy and to what price.
3. Click the button Place BUY Order.
If there is a matching sell order the deal will be completed instantly. If your purchase price is less than the lowest selling price the system will put your order in a queue.
If the selling price begins to fall, your purchase will be completed once it is equal to your offer. If your purchase price offer is higher than the lowest selling price then the deal will be implemented to match the lower selling price.

How to Transfer Funds In and Out of NASGO
Your NASGO account can only be accessed via your linked Wenyard Account. Funds can be instantly transferred between accounts for both buying shares and for redeeming your profits.
When the funds is on your NASGO account you can start playing the game:
Click on Your Portfolio and then Transfer in / out. Then select the amount to be transfered in or out.
30% of all your winning commissions transferred from your Wenyard Account will be retained on your Mandatory Account which you can then use to make further share purchases in NASGO.

Escrow Time
All shares purchased with funds from a player/member’s Mandatory Account will be held in escrow for 30 days. The member may then choose to sell these shares or keep them in your portfolio.
This also applies to shares purchased from NASGO Account during Soft launch (which ends Feb 12th 2014). After the Soft Launch period, share purchased from NASGO Account will have no escrow time.

Nasgo Virtual Stock Exchange Access – Click Here

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