Jun 4 2014
NBA Finals 2014 Preview – The Rematch


The time has come for the 2014 NBA Finals.  This finals should be just as intense as last years was.

nba finalsIt has been 26 years since the last time the same two teams met in consecutive years in the NBA Finals.

The last such matchup occurred in 1998 when the Chicago Bulls were led to victory by a certain number 23 against the Utah Jazz of Karl Malone and John Stockton.

(FYI – In the previous 12 rematches of all-time the competing teams are at a 6-6 standoff)

Will a former number 23 now displaying a 6 in Miami be able to match “his airness” feat?

We will find out beginning at 9pm ET on Thursday (6/5/14) when the Miami Heat visits the San Antonio Spurs to begin the 2014 NBA Finals.

Every finals game can be seen exclusively on ABC TV.

If the series goes the full 7 games you will be celebrating the eve of summer in front of the flat screen on Friday night, June 20th.

You may recall that last year in the finals, the Spurs were 28 seconds away from receiving the Larry O’Brien Trophy in Game 6 leading by 5 points (94-89). 29 ticks of the clock later they were on theSan Antonio Spurs way to the airport for a return to South Beach for Game 7.

If you’re a NBA fan you know the Heat ultimately prevailed 95-88 for their 2nd straight crown.

The usually quiet Tim Duncan has already enacted the revenge clause in this series proclaiming “We’ll do it this time!” To which King James responded “They want us, so they got us”.

The stage (court) is set!

Let’s get the coaching matchup out of the way right now. Popovich rules over Spoelstra, period. That checkmark goes to San Antonio.

LeBron James is the best player by far on either team. I know that’s hardly a revelation, just true. Check the box next to Miami.  This is the way it goes and it will

To a certain extent these NBA Finals may come down to a knee vs. an ankle.

Those body parts belong to Dwyane Wade and Tony Parker respectively.

Wade seems to be fine with having rested at regular intervals all throughout the season. Parker on the other hand at least tweaked the ankle again against the Thunder but says he’ll be good to go for Game 1.

Chris Bosh could be the key to the Heat’s success, but if he leads the team in scoring during this series as he did in both regular season match ups between the teams (24 points in each) Miami will lose.

The teams split those 2 games 1-1 with the Spurs scoring a combined 212 to the Heats 200.

San Antonio has the depth that should sustain them even if the Finals series goes to the maximum 7.

They were the best team in the NBA all year while none of their players logged in excess of 30 minutes on average per game.

For you stats fans out there the Spurs have averaged 105.4 points scored per 100 possessions vs. the Heats 102.2. Points allowed stands at San Antonio 97.6, Miami 99.5.

Kawhi Leonard’s defense of James will obviously be a key along with Danny Green and/or Manu Ginobili guarding Wade.

The bottom line is this NBA Finals may be Tim Duncan’s last hurrah and he said it himself, they’ll get it done!


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