Mar 25 2014
The New Economy According To Thom Hartmann

Depending upon whether or not you follow people like Thom Hartmann could make all of the difference in the world in whether or not you’ve heard much about a new economy. I don’t really follow him, but I am always interested in what people are saying about the economy and how it’s changing. Truly you are probably familiar with the idea that there is economic inequality. There is and it’s not something I am sure anyone can really hide right?

The average worker is struggling right now with finances and making enough to meet the demands of rising healthcare costs along with the coming inflation with groceries and so forth. Will any of the new economic policies really make a difference in the lives of Americans or is it all a joke? The American Dream used to mean being able to work hard and buy a home. Does it still mean that or has that gone away completely?

There is a new economy coming. Whether or not an increase in the minimum wage would fix it is yet to be seen. The increase sounds great but yet it causes new problems and presents new challenges. Sure, shared prosperity would be nice, but there must be another way other than to raise minimum wage right? Today I want to share with you why it could be that this economy really is just going to be based upon a new currency and more.

The Meaning of a New Economy

The New Economy According To Thom Hartmann Some might say that a new economy is what happens when you have a new technology, but technology isn’t so much what is affecting our country anymore. Sure, there is a ton going on in the world of technology but keep in mind that what I am talking about is the decisions our country has made. Some good some not so good.

The borrowing of money on a regular basis means that we are by no means a wealthy country. Anytime you borrow money you put yourself in a position to no longer be considered wealthy. How do we go about getting our country back on track financially? I think that it may not happen at all unless we focus on buying gold.

The reason for this is simple; the dollar isn’t stable. When so many countries are focused on buying gold it’s time to take notice. They have no faith in our money. When the dollar is no longer our currency we have to look to something more stable. That something more stable is gold. There is no question about it.

It’s no longer a secret that we are in bad shape, and whether you listening to Donald Trump or Thom Hartmann it doesn’t matter all that much. The economy is only as good as we make it and printing money over and over isn’t going to help. Inflation is on the way, and until we have someone in place to make better financial decisions, we need to think about how to survive in the near future.

When it comes to getting a new economy consider that gold speaks a universal language, and it won’t take too much longer for us to get to a place where we have no choice but to rely on the metals to make it all work.

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